Production Sharing Contracts - Houston

Start:  04.12.2017

End:  08.12.2017

Venue: Houston




A Global Course for State-of-the-Art Theory, Practice & Techniques in Fiscal System, Analysis & Design

The Production Sharing Contracts course provides critical information to create the right commercial framework for successful PSC negotiations. It examines state-of-the-art practice and techniques in fiscal system, analysis and design. PSCs in over 30 countries will be examined. A must for all senior managers in new ventures, exploration, corporate planning, geology, as well as petroleum negotiators, oil company legal counsel, advisers, geologists and engineers. 


Module 1 provides

Examination of current PSC developments through a wide variety of economic, geological and fiscal scenarios that exist worldwide. Understand not only the changing terminology and semantics of PSC but also how fiscal systems have evolved, their economic and financial impact:-

  • Fiscal/contractual arrangements that govern business relationships between oil companies and governments
  • Strong fundamental elements of normal petroleum operations, production & revenue generation, cost recovery and division of profits
  • Royalty/tax, PSC and Service Agreements, Risk Service Contracts, rate of return systems & R-factors, ringfencing, relinquishment, bonuses & goldplating 

Module 2 provides

An additional 4 & 5 day will cover Computer-Based Economic Modelling & risk analysis, featuring practical computer-based basics of petroleum risk analysis and decision theory, progressing to finer points of economic modelling in the international area.


Attractive early bird and team fees are available.


Organiser: Conference Connection