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Two groups to fore in Petrobras OSRV tender

Bram Offshore and Wilson Sons emerge as low bidders for charter of Brazilian-flagged oil spill response vessels

BRAZILIAN shipping groups Bram Offshore and Wilson Sons have submitted the lowest bids in a Petrobras tender for the charter of oil spill response vessels and have been tipped as frontrunners to secure new contracts with the state-controlled company.

Petrobras has asked for Brazilian-flagged OSRVs equipped with recovery tanks that have storage capacity for at least 750 cubic metres of oil, and divided the tender in three lots.

Bram Offshore finished first for lot A, which called for contracts of two years with delivery in December 2017.

The company proposed the Amy Chouest, C-Acclaim, C-Admiral, C-Aggressor, C-Ambassador and C-Atlas vessels for dayrates of $14,872 each. Bravante came in second with the Bravante VI and Bravante VIII vessels for dayrates of $15,958 and $16,146, respectively, followed by Marlin Navegacao with the Varada Maresias vessel for $16,450 and CBO with the Vega Challenger and Vega Chaser vessels for $16,885 each.

Petrobras disqualified proposals for the Bravante VII, Varada Ilheus, CBO Campos and Olympic Elena vessels due to high prices, and the Macae and Varada Santos vessels for not complying with the bidding terms.

Wilson Sons emerged on top for lot B with the Saveiros Albatroz and Saveiros Gaivota vessels for dayrates of $17,101 each. Asso Maritima offered the Asso Ventisette vessel for $17,325 and CBO bid the CBO Rio vessel for $17,885. Lot B offered contracts for a period of three years with delivery in May 2018. Five OSRVs — Siem Giant, CBO Anna Gabriella, CBO Valentina, Bigua and Ostreiro — were disqualified due to excessive prices.

Bram Offshore also submitted the lowest bid for lot C, in which Petrobras offered four-year contracts starting in December 2018.

The company proposed the C-Sailor vessel for a dayrate of $15,182. Marlin Navegacao offered the Skandi Yare and Skandi Leblon vessels for $16,900 and $17,200, respectively.

The bids for another six vessels — Loreto, CBO Vitoria, CBO Ana Luisa, CBO Bianca, Petrel and Skua — were disqualified due to high prices as well. On top of the potential charters for the OSRVs Saveiros Albatroz and Saveiros Gaivota, Wilson Sons is also negotiating new contract terms for up to eight platform supply vessels currently operating for Petrobras.

“The negotiation will consider the temporary suspension of these contracts due to current suppressed demand, with the original contract term extended by a period equal to the suspension, and a reduction of the vessels’ daily rates,” said Wilson Sons.

According to Wilson Sons, the negotiation contemplates a total estimated reduction of about 6% on the fleet's average gross daily rate and up to 858 days of suspension for all PSVs combined.