Cuttings conveyor

Stavanger’s Cubility, manufacturer of the MudCube, has rolled out the CubeLink drilling waste transportation system, a method for handling cuttings that the company says reduces waste handling, cuts drilling fluid costs and enhances safety on onshore and offshore rigs.

The technology is designed to work with both the MudCube solids control system and traditional shale shakers. It consists of a recurring belt shaped in a drop-belt configuration. The system opens up in a U-shape in the feeding station to receive drilling waste fed by gravity from one or several shakers or MudCubes into the feeding station. The belt is then closed and routed to the storage or final processing unit on a drilling rig.

The CubeLink system will handle dry and moist drilling waste and provide real-time information on the weight, volume and degree of moisture in the cuttings. Such information will lead to an increase in well stability and volume control, according to the manufacturer. An absorption feature extracts mud from the cuttings, which reduces the weight of the waste to be shipped and destroyed.

The CubeLink is based on an existing technology used in food processing, Cubility says.