PODCAST: Going Deep in North America

This week we have exclusive news on Chesapeake Energy, plus a look at the Gulf of Mexico A&D market.

First Noah Brenner reveals the emerging tight-oil play in which Chesapeake is building up a position.

Then we address comments from North Dakota's oil regulator that companies have squeezed all the efficiency gains they can out of the Bakken. What does it mean for the future of the premier US shale play?

And we dig in to Upstream's North America offshore focus with a look at recent transactions in the region.

Shell drilled another frontier dry hole, and more, this week on The Bit.

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  • Chesapeake is poking around East Texas and bulking up its acreage with an eye on an emerging tight-oil play.
  • The shale giant has already filed a permit to drill is first horizontal wildcat in the play.
  • Upstream has published its annual focus on North America's offshore, covering activity from Canada to Mexico.
  • North Dakota Industrial Commission director Lynn Helms says efficiency gains in the Bakken may be reaching their technical limit, and expects production to continue to decline.
  • As we discussed last week on the podcast, Anadarko is making a power play in the US Gulf of Mexico and has since then gotten bigger after acquiring Freeport-McMoRan's assets for $2 billion.
  • Shell failed to find commercial hydrocarbons at a well in the Shelburne basin off Nova Scotia that had already caused the supermajor trouble.

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