PODCAST: Rivers of Resources

This week on The Bit we discuss two deep-water projects, Vito and Shenandoah, on the verge of big decision points, plus an update on ExxonMobil's plans in Guyana.


First, Kat Schmidt has some fresh news on Shell's Vito project as the company makes progress in its "re-scoping" efforts.

The we look at Anadarko's giant Shenandoah project, which could end up hosting more than one production facility.

And Noah Brenner walks us through a comprehensive information packet filed with Guyana's Environmental Protection Agency that lays out some of ExxonMobil's plan to develop the frontier discovery.

BHP Billiton struck gas off Trinidad & Tobago, begging the question: Is it sometimes better to drill a dry hole than to make a gas discovery?

All that and more, this week on The Bit.

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  • Shell is starting to look at yards to build the hull for its Vito project, a presumed semi-submersible platform in the deep-water US Gulf of Mexico - and it's casting its net wide.
  • Vito has fallen off the short-term FID schedule as Shell "re-scopes" the project plan.
  • Concept selection at Shenandoah is looming as Anadarko weighs the possibility of "multiple" production facilities at the giant US Gulf find.
  • The size of the Shenandoah resource and the precise development plan, won't be known until after the fifth appraisal well is drilled.
  • ExxonMobil filed a document with Guyana's EPA detailing its plans for the Liza discovery, including the use of at least two drilling rigs. Click here to read the document.
  • BHP Billiton made a gas discovery off Trinidad & Tobago with its LeClerc well, the first deep-water well ever drilled off the island nation.

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