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Santos drills successful wells

Development and appraisal probes all hit pay for Australian company

Australian company Santos has had success with a number of appraisal and development wells it drilled in South Australia and Queensland.

Joint venture partner Beach Energy revealed in its monthly drilling report on Wednesday the Namur-4 appraisal well in South Australia had hit about 28 metres of net pay across a 221-metre gross section in the Namur sandstone.

The well also intersected roughly 45 metres of net pay across a 227-metre gross section in the Patchawarra formation, with the well cased and suspended as a future Patchawarra formation producer.

Beach said the joint venture’s analysis of the results from the Namur sandstone were still underway to gauge the potential for production from the reservoir, and the results will also be used to assess a near-field exploration opportunity north of the Namur field.

In Queensland, the Roti South-1 appraisal well was drilled to the south of the Roti and Roti West fields and south-south-east of the Windigo field.

The well primarily targeted sands in the lower Patchawarra, with the upper Patchawarra sands and the Epsilon formation secondary targets in the well.

Beach revealed Roti South-1 had hit 36 metres of net pay across a 193-metre gross section within the target zone, with the well being cased and suspended as a future producer.

It added that results from the well were in-line with pre-drill estimates and provided “encouragement” for follow-on development drilling on the Roti South structure.

Santos also drilled three successful development wells recently, with the two of those drilled in South Australia at the Allunga field and cased and suspended as future producers.

Allunga-2 and -3 were drilled from a single pad and targeted the Epsilon and Patchawarra formations.

Allunga-2 hit 48 metres of net pay across a 622-metre gross section, while Allunga‐3 intersected 62 metres of net pay across a 285-metre gross section.

Santos also drilled a successful development well at the Windigo field in Queensland, with the Windigo-3 well hitting 50 metres of net pay across a 243-metre gross section and being cased and suspended as a future producer.