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Lamprell delivers new NDC jack-up

Eighth rig set to be soon followed out of Hamriyah yard by ninth unit for Abu Dhabi-based owner

United Arab Emirates-based shipyard Lamprell remains set to deliver the last in a series of jack-ups to Abu Dhabi’s National Drilling Company (NDC) in the first half of this year.

The Sharjah-headquartered builder has just delivered the eighth of nine units to NDC, within budget and as scheduled.

Lamprell cuts back on staff

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The Al Hudairiyat will leave Lamprell’s Hamriyah facility some time this quarter to head to its drilling location off Abu Dhabi.

It will be followed by the ninth unit, which will be delivered by July. All nine are Cameron LeTourneau Super 116E-class units.

New Lamprell chief executive Christopher McDonald, who has taken over from Jim Moffat, said: “This is the 26th new build jack-up rig that we have delivered since we listed in 2006 and we are scheduled to deliver the next rig, also to NDC, within a matter of months, as planned.”

The seventh unit, Al Gharbia, was delivered to NDC in late December, also from the Hamriyah facility. It will work for Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) off Abu Dhabi.