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Anti-fracking protestors block road

Shale explorer Cuadrilla hit by demonstration outside working site in northern England

Anti-fracking protestors in northern England have blocked a road leading to a site currently being developed by shale gas explorer Cuadrilla Resources.

Local demonstrators in Lancashire and environmental group Greenpeace have halted traffic outside Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road near Little Plumpton site. Locals have locked themselves together on the road, while Greenpeace volunteers are using heavy, reinforced blocks to shut the entrance to the site. Police were called and officers were seen leading several protestors away from the scene.

Campaigners are fighting against Cuadrilla’s plans to use the site to explore for shale gas.

Second UK fracking site set for ‘public inquiry’

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Locals are challenging Cuadrilla, after the company’s initial application was rejected by the local council, but was later overturned by the UK government, which approved the company’s plans.

A group of residents took the government to court trying to challenge the permission, however, they lost the battle.

The ruling meant that fracking can go-ahead in the UK.

A final decision on Cuadrilla’s plans for nearby second site, Roseacre Wood, was delayed last year. A public consultation process is due on this second site soon.

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