Alvopetro hits potential pay

Promising signs: the 197(1) well in Brazil has hit potential hydrocarbon pay across three intervals

The company revealed on Wednesday the well had reached a total depth of 3275 metres and encountered 43 metres of potential net hydrocarbon pay over several separate intervals, with an average porosity of 9.5%.

Based on the results of mud-logging and open-hole logs the company elevated to initially test the productivity of three intervals, including the primary target and two secondary zones.

So far Alvopetro has perforated and completed the deepest sandstone interval, between 3175 and 3174 metres, and carried out a small mud acid clean-up and initiated a swab test of the zone.

It said the well had been flowing low rates of natural gas on clean-up for the past 48 hours, adding it was now mobilising additional testing equipment to measure the gas flow rates and planned to carry out a 72-hour flow test.

The well will then be shut in to measure reservoir pressure and obtain pressure build-up data in order to carry out a pressure transient analysis study.

“We are extremely pleased with the preliminary results of the first of three intervals to be tested in 197(1)," Alvopetro chief executive Corey C Ruttan said.

“This is a significant milestone, proving hydrocarbon deliverability on an unstimulated basis, at depth, in the core of our play fairway and it is a major step forward in proving the commercial viability of the Gomo resource opportunity.”

Following the completion of the pressure build-up test, the zone will be temporarily suspended and the completion will proceed up-hole to test the primary target, consisting of a continuous, thick, tight sand within the middle Gomo member, with a large mapped aerial extent.

The final interval to be tested in the well is a conventional sandstone interval with 20 metres of potential net pay with greater than 8% porosity.

Alvopetro said the third zone had petrophysical characteristics similar to its Bom Lugar-1 well which flowed at an initial unstimulated rate of over 500 barrels of oil per day and has cumulatively produced over 285,000 barrels of oil.

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