Hackers ‘planning energy industry attack’

Attack threat: AnonGhost vows to hit energy companies

The cyber activist group AnonGhost has threatened to launch a cyber attack on global energy companies on Friday, reports have said.

A video posted online by the group says it will attack energy companies for using the dollar in oil trades, Dubai’s Gulf News reported.

“Petrol is sold in US dollars and Saudi Arabia has betrayed Muslims with their co-operation. So why isn’t petrol sold with the currency of the country which exports it? Because the Zionists own us like that,” the pro-Palestinian ‘hacktivist’ group was quoted as saying the video.

They said they will attack leading international markets like the US, Canada, UK, China, Italy, France, Russia and Germany as well as several Middle East nations such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.

Security experts told the newspaper the co-ordinated attack, dubbed #Op Petrol 2014, could come in the form of defacing company websites, denial of service attacks to take the sites offline or accessing and releasing sensitive data.

While cyber attackers have never succeeded in disrupting oil production, previous attacks caused significant damage to the computer networks of companies like Saudi Aramco and Qatar’s RasGas.

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