www.upstreamonline.com http://www.upstreamonline.com/ www.upstreamonline.com Russia ‘to support Shell’s activities’ http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358909.ece Russia will give “all the necessary support” to Shell in the Anglo-Dutch supermajor’s projects in the country, President Vladimir Putin has said. (News Wires) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358909.ece Fri, 18 Apr 2014 12:31:05 +0000 live Baker Hughes lifts profit by 22% http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358697.ece Services giant Baker Hughes has boosted quarterly net profit by 22% year-on-year to $328 million in the first quarter. Bill.Lehane@upstreamonline.com (Bill Lehane) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358697.ece Thu, 17 Apr 2014 11:02:57 +0000 live Schlumberger posts profit rise http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358687.ece Schlumberger has boosted its net profit in the first quarter due in part to growing new technology sales. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358687.ece Thu, 17 Apr 2014 09:12:35 +0000 live Eurasia sales slump in Q1 http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358683.ece Adverse weather, increased mobilisation and the depreciation of the home currency sent first-quarter revenues down at Russian rig owner Eurasia Drilling. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358683.ece Thu, 17 Apr 2014 08:42:07 +0000 epaper Wessex in talks on Far East ‘asset’ http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358672.ece Shares in London-listed Wessex Exploration rose on Thursday after the company said it was in talks regarding the acquisition of an offshore asset in the Far East. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358672.ece Thu, 17 Apr 2014 08:01:03 +0000 epaper Keppel sees profits slip http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358657.ece Singaporean company Keppel posted a slight fall in profits for the first quarter of the year, despite a rise in revenue. Josh.Lewis@upstreamonline.com (Josh Lewis) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358657.ece Thu, 17 Apr 2014 02:47:46 +0000 epaper Woodside watches revenue rise http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358654.ece Australian giant Woodside Petroleum posted a rise in revenue for the first quarter of the year on the back of increased output and sales. Josh.Lewis@upstreamonline.com (Josh Lewis) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358654.ece Thu, 17 Apr 2014 01:22:43 +0000 live Santos posts slight increase http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358653.ece Australia’s Santos has had a slight increase in quarterly production when compared with the previous corresponding quarter. bianca.bartucciotto@upstreamonline.com (Bianca Bartucciotto) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358653.ece Thu, 17 Apr 2014 00:53:59 +0000 epaper Endeavour settles SM Energy case http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358652.ece US companies Endeavour International and SM Energy have reached a settlement over litigation related to a failed deal over assets in the Marcellus shale play in Pennsylvania. Josh.Lewis@upstreamonline.com (Josh Lewis) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358652.ece Thu, 17 Apr 2014 00:49:00 +0000 epaper EOG braces for hit http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358651.ece Houston-based EOG Resources has warned that it expects to take a loss on the mark-to-market of its crude oil and natural gas derivative contracts for the first quarter of the year. Josh.Lewis@upstreamonline.com (Josh Lewis) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358651.ece Thu, 17 Apr 2014 00:26:45 +0000 live Linc disputes Qld allegations http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358650.ece Singapore-listed Linc Energy says its dispute with the Queensland government will not affect the company materially. bianca.bartucciotto@upstreamonline.com (Bianca Bartucciotto) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358650.ece Wed, 16 Apr 2014 23:48:52 +0000 epaper Noble profits boosted by newbuilds http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358645.ece Rig contractor Noble Corporation posted higher income in the first three months of the year as it put in service newbuild units and kept costs flat. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358645.ece Wed, 16 Apr 2014 22:09:57 +0000 epaper Havyard to build hybrid PSV http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358616.ece Norwegian shipbuilder Havyard is taking a leaf out of eco-friendly car design by winning its first order for a hybrid battery-powered platform supply vessel. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358616.ece Wed, 16 Apr 2014 14:06:45 +0000 live Fosen yard in 'staff cuts' http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358607.ece NorYards is being forced to lay off more than half of the workforce at its Fosen yard in western Norway due to a lull in work, respite recently winning an outfitting job on a newbuild vessel, according to a report. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358607.ece Wed, 16 Apr 2014 13:38:34 +0000 live IKM in 'Oiltools buy' http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358561.ece Norwegian drilling waste management specialist Oiltools has reportedly been acquired by the IKM group after filing for bankruptcy. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358561.ece Wed, 16 Apr 2014 07:44:49 +0000 live Safinat staff fleeing S Sudan oilfield http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358559.ece A Russian contractor working at an oilfield in South Sudan where fighting erupted this week is evacuating all of its staff from the area after a number were injured in crossfire. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358559.ece Wed, 16 Apr 2014 07:42:37 +0000 live PTT cuts spending plans http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358558.ece Thai energy giant PTT said it plans to cut its 2014 investment budget by as much as 30% to 60 billion baht ($1.86 billion) as the country's ongoing political unrest delays the launch of new projects. (News Wires) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358558.ece Wed, 16 Apr 2014 07:02:29 +0000 live IGSS takes a loss http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358557.ece Russia’s IG Seismic Services moved to a loss in 2013 as capital expenditure took a 77% jump and revenue eased off. bianca.bartucciotto@upstreamonline.com (Bianca Bartucciotto) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358557.ece Wed, 16 Apr 2014 06:59:12 +0000 live PA dips into the red http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358551.ece Sweden’s PA Resources fell into the red during the first three months of the year as revenues slipped on lower production. Josh.Lewis@upstreamonline.com (Josh Lewis) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358551.ece Wed, 16 Apr 2014 06:33:08 +0000 live Sterling closes gap http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358543.ece Calgary-based Sterling Resources has closed its yearly loss for 2013, posting a loss of $31.2 million. bianca.bartucciotto@upstreamonline.com (Bianca Bartucciotto) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358543.ece Wed, 16 Apr 2014 02:56:53 +0000 epaper CIMC delivers second COSL jack-up http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358541.ece Chinese yard CIMC Raffles has delivered a jack-up drilling rig to China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL), the second of three jack-up rigs the yard is scheduled to deliver to China’s top offshore drilling service provider in the first half of this year. (Xu Yihe) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358541.ece Wed, 16 Apr 2014 02:56:04 +0000 epaper Ezion lands $78.7m in new work http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358540.ece Singapore’s Ezion Holdings has won two contracts to provide service rigs worth a combined US$78.7 million. Josh.Lewis@upstreamonline.com (Josh Lewis) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358540.ece Wed, 16 Apr 2014 02:36:25 +0000 epaper Strike and AGL settle dispute http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358538.ece Australian duo Strike Energy and Australian Gasfields Ltd (AGL) have resolved issues which would have seen the latter turfed out of PEL 96 in the South Australian Cooper basin. Josh.Lewis@upstreamonline.com (Josh Lewis) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358538.ece Wed, 16 Apr 2014 01:57:04 +0000 epaper Second company accused of defrauding Citigroup http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358536.ece Oil services provider Evya is the second Mexican company implicated for having fraudulent loans linked to Citigroup, according to a spokesperson at state-owned Pemex. (News Wires) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358536.ece Wed, 16 Apr 2014 00:14:55 +0000 live Lamprell nets $390m Ensco rig orders http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358503.ece United Arab Emirates-based yard Lamprell has scooped an order from Ensco for up to four jack-up rigs. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358503.ece Tue, 15 Apr 2014 13:40:12 +0000 epaper Majors 'unruffled' at Rosneft sanctions risk http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358500.ece Majors Statoil and BP are insisting it is business as usual with Russian state-owned partner Rosneft amid escalating tension in Ukraine that could risk increased sanctions against the Kremlin, according to reports. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358500.ece Tue, 15 Apr 2014 12:50:01 +0000 epaper Davidson plans Noble exit http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358498.ece Charles Davidson is to retire next year as chairman and chief executive of Noble Energy. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358498.ece Tue, 15 Apr 2014 12:24:39 +0000 live Sinopec buys Lukoil Kazakh fields for $1.2bn http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358489.ece Russian independent Lukoil has sold its 50% stake in Kazakh venture Caspian Investment Resources to China’s Sinopec for $1.2 billion. Bill.Lehane@upstreamonline.com (Bill Lehane) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358489.ece Tue, 15 Apr 2014 11:16:07 +0000 live Providence stock jumps on farmout rumours http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358484.ece Shares in Dublin’s Providence Resources have jumped almost 10% after it confirmed it was in commercial discussions on a farmout at its Barryroe oilfield off Ireland’s southern coast. Bill.Lehane@upstreamonline.com (Bill Lehane) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358484.ece Tue, 15 Apr 2014 10:24:12 +0000 epaper EnerMech makes $6.7m acquisitions http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358476.ece UK engineering specialist EnerMech has acquired US crane company Diversified Oil Field Service and South African valve specialist Control Valve Technology for a total of around £4 million. Bill.Lehane@upstreamonline.com (Bill Lehane) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358476.ece Tue, 15 Apr 2014 09:47:45 +0000 live Statoil extends DeepWell deal http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358470.ece Well services outfit DeepWell has secured a two-year contract extension worth Nkr300 million ($50.3 million) with Statoil for wireline work off Norway. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358470.ece Tue, 15 Apr 2014 08:52:35 +0000 live Tangiers Petroleum hires new boss http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358468.ece Australia’s Tangiers Petroleum has hired David Wall as its new managing director two months after executive chairman Eve Powell stepped down having lost the confidence of the company’s owners. Bill.Lehane@upstreamonline.com (Bill Lehane) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358468.ece Tue, 15 Apr 2014 08:44:12 +0000 epaper Wood Group in software buy http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358462.ece Services giant Wood Group has added to its stable with the purchase of Texas-based technology player Cape Software. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358462.ece Tue, 15 Apr 2014 07:13:34 +0000 live Prosafe gets Safe Hibernia extension http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358457.ece Accommodation rig specialist Prosafe has received another extension for the Safe Hibernia which will see it continue to operate in the Gulf of Mexico. Josh.Lewis@upstreamonline.com (Josh Lewis) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358457.ece Tue, 15 Apr 2014 07:02:00 +0000 epaper Aker in Kaombo subsea award http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358456.ece Aker Solutions has secured a lucrative Nkr14 billion ($2.3 billion) contract to deliver the subsea production system for Total’s ultra-deepwater Kaombo field project off Angola. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358456.ece Tue, 15 Apr 2014 06:50:36 +0000 epaper Pertamina sees output grow http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358438.ece Indonesia’s state-run Pertamina has seen a 4% increase in production during the first three months of the year. (News Wires) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358438.ece Tue, 15 Apr 2014 03:58:38 +0000 live Encana to spinoff Alberta royalty lands http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358437.ece Canadian gas producer Encana has filed a preliminary prospectus for the spinoff of its wholly owned properties in Western Canada as it continues a restructuring aimed at boosting profit while gas prices remain low. (News Wires) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358437.ece Tue, 15 Apr 2014 02:52:59 +0000 live Neon exits Vietnam blocks http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358431.ece Australian company Neon Energy has reportedly withdrawn from two blocks in Vietnam after missing payments. Josh.Lewis@upstreamonline.com (Josh Lewis) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358431.ece Tue, 15 Apr 2014 00:26:40 +0000 epaper Goodrich soars on TMS hit http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358425.ece Shares of Goodrich Petroleum soared more than 30% after the company reported one of the best wells drilled in the emerging Tuscaloosa Marine shale play at a cheaper cost than any previous successful well. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358425.ece Mon, 14 Apr 2014 18:01:07 +0000 epaper Nabors splits CEO and chairman roles http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358424.ece US driller Nabors Industries will split the roles of chairman of the board and chief executive once the tenure of current boss Anthony Petrello comes to an end. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358424.ece Mon, 14 Apr 2014 16:46:57 +0000 live Statoil faces AGM green challenge http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358411.ece Statoil’s board is calling on shareholders to vote against proposals by green groups for the Norwegian state-owned giant to exit Canada’s oil sands and halt Arctic drilling work at its annual general meeting next month. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358411.ece Mon, 14 Apr 2014 12:33:59 +0000 epaper Glencore in Caracal takeover http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358406.ece Glencore is taking over London-listed explorer Caracal Energy in a $1.3 billion deal that also kyboshes another proposed $700 million corporate move. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358406.ece Mon, 14 Apr 2014 11:46:52 +0000 epaper Encana sells LNG interests in US http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358402.ece Encana is selling its liquefied natural gas assets in the US to a Texas-based player in a deal that has seen financial details kept under wraps. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358402.ece Mon, 14 Apr 2014 11:34:45 +0000 live Topaz wins West Africa charter http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358400.ece Topaz Energy & Marine has secured a $11 million charter for one of its platform supply vessels to be deployed off West Africa. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358400.ece Mon, 14 Apr 2014 10:31:53 +0000 live Drydocks nets jack-up order http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358375.ece United Arab Emirates-based yard Drydocks World has scooped an order for two jack-up rigs from Malta Oil & Gas. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358375.ece Mon, 14 Apr 2014 08:57:51 +0000 epaper Aptomar cash boost for spill detection http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358373.ece Norwegian marine oil spill detection player Aptomar has received a “significant” capital injection from a new investor to bolster its technology offering, focusing on key areas such as the eco-sensitive Arctic and offshore Brazil. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358373.ece Mon, 14 Apr 2014 08:22:37 +0000 epaper GDF Suez in Pemex MoU http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358368.ece Mexican state oil company Pemex and France’s GDF Suez have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on energy projects in the North American nation. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358368.ece Mon, 14 Apr 2014 07:24:11 +0000 epaper BW pulls plug on Polvo pact http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358367.ece BW Offshore has decided to pull the plug on a proposed deal to acquire a stake in the Polvo field off Brazil from HRT. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358367.ece Mon, 14 Apr 2014 07:16:54 +0000 epaper KCA nets Hebron drilling deal http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358363.ece KCA Deutag has scooped a drilling and maintenance project for ExxonMobil’s Hebron project off Canada. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358363.ece Mon, 14 Apr 2014 07:09:38 +0000 live San Leon drops Turkish deal http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358366.ece London-listed San Leon Energy has walked away from a $4 million share purchase agreement that would have seen it take a majority stake in Alpay Energy as looks to focus on Poland. Bill.Lehane@upstreamonline.com (Bill Lehane), Josh.Lewis@upstreamonline.com (Josh Lewis) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358366.ece Mon, 14 Apr 2014 07:05:18 +0000 live Hoegh upgrades http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358355.ece Bermuda-based Hoegh Liquefied Natural Gas has upsized its $400 million senior secured credit facility, to add more to the kitty. bianca.bartucciotto@upstreamonline.com (Bianca Bartucciotto) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358355.ece Mon, 14 Apr 2014 05:51:59 +0000 live Former DOC chief wins injunction http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358353.ece The former chief executive of Daya Offshore Construction (DOC) has won an injunction against his former company’s parent company, Daya Materials. Josh.Lewis@upstreamonline.com (Josh Lewis) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358353.ece Mon, 14 Apr 2014 04:41:05 +0000 epaper Parsley Energy discloses IPO plan http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358303.ece US outfit Parsley Energy made public its plan to raise up to $400 million in an initial public offering of Class A common stock, according to a report. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358303.ece Fri, 11 Apr 2014 22:58:55 +0000 live Police 'raid Petrobras headquarters' http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358302.ece Brazil's Federal Police reportedly raided the headquarters of state-run oil company Petrobras in Rio de Janeiro on Friday as part of a money-laundering probe. (News Wires) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358302.ece Fri, 11 Apr 2014 22:47:00 +0000 live Tillerson sees compensation drop in 2013 http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358298.ece ExxonMobil chief executive Rex Tillerson saw his total compensation fall by 30% in 2013 to $28.1 million, the company said. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358298.ece Fri, 11 Apr 2014 21:50:45 +0000 epaper Batista probed on 'insider trading' http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358297.ece Brazilian securities regulator believes that flamboyant former billionaire Eike Batista may have engaged in insider trading, according to local reports. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358297.ece Fri, 11 Apr 2014 21:29:12 +0000 epaper Range fined over Marcellus brine spill http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358279.ece Range Resources was fined $75,000 by Pennsylvania regulators for failing to clean up a produced water spill in the Marcellus Shale after almost one year and three violation notices. (Noah Brenner) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358279.ece Fri, 11 Apr 2014 15:31:43 +0000 epaper Centrica CEO Laidlaw ‘heading for exit’ http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358272.ece Centrica boss Sam Laidlaw is to quit the parent company of British Gas by the end of the year, according to a report. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358272.ece Fri, 11 Apr 2014 14:49:39 +0000 live M&A holds up despite Asian 'pause' http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358262.ece Mergers and acquisitions activity remained in line with recent times during the first quarter as new entrants made up for a pause in activity by Asian national oil companies, according to a new analysis. Bill.Lehane@upstreamonline.com (Bill Lehane) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358262.ece Fri, 11 Apr 2014 12:12:03 +0000 epaper Statoil’s Utsira power prices revealed http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358157.ece Politicians and environmentalists have accused Statoil of exaggerating the terms on which it has based its calculations of abatement costs for a joint power-from-shore project to the Utsira High area off Norway. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358157.ece Fri, 11 Apr 2014 05:07:54 +0000 epaper Hochtief gets FIRB approval for Leighton deal http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358217.ece German builder Hochtief has been given the nod by Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) to increase its stake in Leighton Holdings. Josh.Lewis@upstreamonline.com (Josh Lewis) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358217.ece Fri, 11 Apr 2014 03:53:05 +0000 epaper Ezra posts dip in profits http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358215.ece Singapore’s Ezra Holdings saw profits slip in the first half of the financial year as a rise in revenue was not enough to offset the one-off gains the company booked the previous year. Josh.Lewis@upstreamonline.com (Josh Lewis) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358215.ece Fri, 11 Apr 2014 02:54:17 +0000 live Emas lands Gunflint contract http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358213.ece The subsea services division of Singapore’s Emas has been awarded a contract on Noble Energy’s Gunflint project in the US Gulf of Mexico. Josh.Lewis@upstreamonline.com (Josh Lewis) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358213.ece Fri, 11 Apr 2014 01:55:04 +0000 epaper Murphy spuds Titan wildcat http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358202.ece US explorer Murphy Oil has spud a closely watched wildcat well targeting the Jurassic-Norphlet trend in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358202.ece Thu, 10 Apr 2014 21:25:32 +0000 epaper ConocoPhillips' high hopes for Eagle Ford http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358200.ece US independent ConocoPhillips raised its estimated resource base in the prolific Eagle Ford shale of Texas by 40% as it looks to bring its expertise in unconventional development to new plays around the world. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1358200.ece Thu, 10 Apr 2014 20:23:31 +0000 epaper KBR taps WorleyParsons vet for CEO gig http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358195.ece Engineering giant KBR has named an oilfield veteran from rival WorleyParsons as its new president and chief executive. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358195.ece Thu, 10 Apr 2014 17:15:44 +0000 live NorYards wins AHTS work http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358005.ece Norway’s NorYards has secured outfitting work worth Nkr650 million ($110 million) with NDFS Offshore for a newbuild anchor-handling tug supply vessel currently under construction at a Chinese yard. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1358005.ece Thu, 10 Apr 2014 09:37:29 +0000 live AGR inks OMV Norway well deal http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357990.ece Oilfield services player AGR has scooped its second deal this week in Norway with the award of a well management services contract from OMV. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357990.ece Thu, 10 Apr 2014 07:51:04 +0000 epaper Exec duo leaving Cairn http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357979.ece Cairn Energy is losing two executive directors with deputy chief executive Mike Watts and chief financial officer Jann Brown stepping aside. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357979.ece Thu, 10 Apr 2014 07:37:57 +0000 live Duo handed Basra FEED http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357974.ece French engineering company Technip and China HuanQiu Contracting & Engineering have landed a front-end engineering and design contract for the Ar Ratawi natural gas liquids Train 1 project in Basra, Iraq. Josh.Lewis@upstreamonline.com (Josh Lewis) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357974.ece Thu, 10 Apr 2014 06:21:04 +0000 live Leighton gives takeover nod http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357973.ece Australia’s Leighton Holdings has recommended shareholders take up the share purchase offer by Hochtief Australia. bianca.bartucciotto@upstreamonline.com (Bianca Bartucciotto) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357973.ece Thu, 10 Apr 2014 06:06:11 +0000 epaper Bass to divest http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357968.ece Australia-listed Bass Strait Oil has started to sell off its offshore Gippsland basin assets as part of a divestment programme announced on Thursday. bianca.bartucciotto@upstreamonline.com (Bianca Bartucciotto) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357968.ece Thu, 10 Apr 2014 02:50:07 +0000 epaper Crew Energy plans big Montney ramp up http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357964.ece Calgary-based Crew Energy has increased its position in the Montney shale in north-eastern British Columbia and sold assets elsewhere to help fund its exploration campaign in the unconventional play. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357964.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 22:54:39 +0000 epaper Chevron warns of lower earnings http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357962.ece US supermajor Chevron expects its first quarter earnings to fall from fourth-quarter levels due to impairments and foreign exchange losses, according to its interim quarterly update. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357962.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 22:02:26 +0000 live New Mexico minnow faces $717,000 fine http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357960.ece US regulators have fined a privately held oil company in New Mexico more than $717,000 for failing to provide production reports to the government for leases on federal lands. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357960.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 21:07:55 +0000 live Sino Gas eyes horizontal Ordos spud http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357955.ece Australia-listed Sino Gas & Energy Holdings is deep into field operations in its production sharing contracts in China's Ordos basin and plans to test its first horizontal well there next month. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357955.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 17:41:49 +0000 epaper Seadrill sheds SapuraKencana shares http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357937.ece Seadrill has sold shares worth $300 million to cut its stake in SapuraKencana but insists it intends to maintain its ownership interest in the Malaysian joint-venture partner. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357937.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 14:30:12 +0000 epaper PetroNeft sticks to farm-out guns http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357925.ece A power struggle at Russia-focused explorer PetroNeft Resources involving accusations of mismanagement and a lack of transparency looks set to fail to derail a planned farm-out deal. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357925.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 12:52:42 +0000 epaper Northern Petroleum downgrades UK assets http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357918.ece London-listed explorer ditches Havant prospect as it focuses on international plays Bill.Lehane@upstreamonline.com (Bill Lehane) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357918.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 11:24:27 +0000 live Gulf Keystone raises Shaikan cash http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357915.ece UK-listed explorer secures $250m debt finance for Iraqi Kurdistan ramp-up Bill.Lehane@upstreamonline.com (Bill Lehane) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357915.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 10:23:07 +0000 epaper HR firms take over 79 Statoil jobs http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357912.ece Statoil has outsourced 79 jobs to a pair of human resources firms as part of the Norwegian state player’s plans to outsource more than 300 posts to save on costs. Bill.Lehane@upstreamonline.com (Bill Lehane) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357912.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 09:42:20 +0000 live Shell, CNPC in shale co-op deal http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357895.ece Shell and state giant China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) have signed a long-term deal to collaborate on projects in the unconventional sphere. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357895.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 08:21:57 +0000 live End of line for Oiltools http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357892.ece Norwegian drilling waste management specialist Oiltools has reportedly filed for bankruptcy in a Stavanger court. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357892.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 08:14:29 +0000 live Seplat launches $500m IPO http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357891.ece Nigerian independent is pushing for a market capitalisation of nearly $2 billion as it begins trading on the London and domestic bourses on Wednesday. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357891.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 07:33:48 +0000 live Tower tracking in Africa http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357890.ece AIM-listed Tower Resources is set to farm in to a block in Kenya, while also completing a proposed takeover of an African player. bianca.bartucciotto@upstreamonline.com (Bianca Bartucciotto) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357890.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 06:59:33 +0000 live Aker bags Brazil subsea award http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357889.ece Aker Solutions has secured a $300 million contract from Petrobras to supply subsea manifolds to boost recovery from the state-owned operator’s deep-water pre-salt fields off Brazil. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357889.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 06:51:51 +0000 epaper Oil India in $1bn bond issue http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357887.ece Oil India has raised $1 billion through an unsecured bond issue in the international markets. Josh.Lewis@upstreamonline.com (Josh Lewis) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357887.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 06:07:01 +0000 epaper Ezion and AusGroup to team up http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357884.ece Ezion Holdings has entered into a memorandum of understanding with fellow Singapore-listed company AusGroup which could lead to the two companies to collaborating in the future. Josh.Lewis@upstreamonline.com (Josh Lewis) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357884.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 04:08:00 +0000 epaper EOC profit skyrockets http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357879.ece Singaporean offshore services provider EOC has taken a massive jump in profit thanks in large part to a number of contract bookings. bianca.bartucciotto@upstreamonline.com (Bianca Bartucciotto) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357879.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 03:14:17 +0000 live WorleyParsons to cut http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357877.ece Australian contractor WorleyParsons will spend A$35 million (US$32.7 million) on a “reorganisation” of the business to cut costs. bianca.bartucciotto@upstreamonline.com (Bianca Bartucciotto) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357877.ece Wed, 09 Apr 2014 01:47:22 +0000 epaper CHC eyes entry into US Gulf http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357874.ece Helicopter operator CHC Group expects to start operating for oil and gas customer in the Gulf of Mexico 'shortly', according to a report. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357874.ece Tue, 08 Apr 2014 22:44:43 +0000 live Kiewit forms midstream unit http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357873.ece Construction and engineering outfit Kiewit Corporation has launched a midstream company and bought a marketing a logistics firm to get it going in the US onshore space. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357873.ece Tue, 08 Apr 2014 22:15:12 +0000 epaper Worker sues Hercules for injuries http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357871.ece An East Texas man is suing jack-up owner Hercules Offshore for negligence after he was injured while working on a rig in the Gulf of Mexico last year Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357871.ece Tue, 08 Apr 2014 21:01:44 +0000 epaper Sechin scion takes Rosneft post http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357837.ece Russian oil giant Rosneft has another Sechin in the fold after chairman Igor’s son Ivan joined the company. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357837.ece Tue, 08 Apr 2014 13:31:05 +0000 live Golden Energy in PSV order http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357832.ece Norwegian vessel owner Golden Energy Offshore has inked a deal for up to four platform supply vessels (PSV) at a Chinese yard. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357832.ece Tue, 08 Apr 2014 12:38:42 +0000 epaper Songa fined over rig sale http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357815.ece Songa Offshore has been slapped with a Nkr1 million ($167.4 million) fine by Norway’s financial crime unit Okokrim for a breach of insider trading rules in connection with a rig sale to Seadrill. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357815.ece Tue, 08 Apr 2014 09:59:47 +0000 live Dark side of the Mohn sale http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357805.ece The sale of Norwegian marine pump manufacturer Frank Mohn to Alfa Laval has triggered an open family feud, with shareholder Frederik Mohn threatening legal action to halt the $2.1 billion deal. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/article1357805.ece Tue, 08 Apr 2014 08:51:18 +0000 live Zeta pact for Russian licences http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357782.ece Romania-focused player Zeta Petroleum aims to expand into Russia through a proposed cash-and-shares deal to acquire four producing oil assets  in the prolific Volga Urals basin. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357782.ece Tue, 08 Apr 2014 07:10:39 +0000 epaper Veristic delivers first Southwestern rig http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357758.ece Houston-based rig-builder Veristic has delivered the first of seven "walking" rigs ordered by Southwestern Energy and the operator is set to put it to work later this month. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357758.ece Mon, 07 Apr 2014 21:29:12 +0000 epaper Energen sells gas utility for $1.6bn http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357749.ece Permian basin player Energen has agreed to sell its natural gas utility business Alabama Gas Corporation (Alagasco) for a total of $1.6 billion in proceeds that will allow the explorer to become a pure-play E&P company. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/epaper/article1357749.ece Mon, 07 Apr 2014 19:20:13 +0000 epaper