www.upstreamonline.com http://www.upstreamonline.com/ www.upstreamonline.com Flotek called out for faulty data http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1416448/flotek-called-out-for-faulty-data Downhole technology specialist Flotek Industries is backtracking on claims made in a presentation after an investor blog found errors and omissions in data the company was trumpeting about the effectiveness of one of its products. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1416448/flotek-called-out-for-faulty-data Tue, 10 Nov 2015 20:25:56 +0000 live Darcy nets Statoil deal http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1416433/darcy-nets-statoil-deal Aberdeen-based sand control company Darcy has landed a contract with Statoil following a trial of its downhole well completions technology. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1416433/darcy-nets-statoil-deal Tue, 10 Nov 2015 15:51:15 +0000 live Shell teams up for artificial lift http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1416369/shell-teams-up-for-artificial-lift Alberta-based pumping specialist Lifteck International has signed a joint development agreement with supermajor Shell to collaborate on development of an innovative artificial lift technology that harnesses reservoir energy. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1416369/shell-teams-up-for-artificial-lift Mon, 09 Nov 2015 23:55:07 +0000 live Hywind blows for Statoil http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1415758/hywind-blows-for-statoil Statoil aims to invest around Nkr2 billion ($234.5 million) to develop the world’s first floating wind farm off the Scottish coast as the Norwegian state-owned giant diversifies into renewable energy amid an oil industry slump. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1415758/hywind-blows-for-statoil Tue, 03 Nov 2015 09:52:58 +0000 live GE in Advantec buy http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1415528/ge-in-advantec-buy GE Oil & Gas is beefing up its subsea offering with the purchase of a Norwegian company with an international footprint. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1415528/ge-in-advantec-buy Fri, 30 Oct 2015 09:02:49 +0000 live Brownfield technology in spotlight http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1415089/brownfield-technology-in-spotlight Production from mature fields and improved recovery programmes will play a crucial role as the global oil industry grapples with low commodity prices, industry experts said in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1415089/brownfield-technology-in-spotlight Tue, 27 Oct 2015 15:37:31 +0000 live DNV GL in gas bunker drive http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1415061/dnv-gl-in-gas-bunker-drive Classification giant DNV GL has launched a new class notation for gas bunker vessels that ensures safe ship-to-ship fuel transfer operations. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1415061/dnv-gl-in-gas-bunker-drive Tue, 27 Oct 2015 11:47:32 +0000 live KBC, Advisian in projects pact http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1414842/kbc-advisian-in-projects-pact KBC Technologies has inked a pact with the consultancy wing of Australian contractor WorleyParsons for the pair to pursue projects together. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1414842/kbc-advisian-in-projects-pact Fri, 23 Oct 2015 07:22:51 +0000 live Energy Recovery in Schlumberger tie up http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1414443/energy-recovery-in-schlumberger-tie-up Oilfield services giant Schlumberger has entered a 15-year contract for exclusive rights to a hydraulic pumping system designed to better protect equipment from damage. caroline.evans@upstreamonline.com (Caroline Evans) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1414443/energy-recovery-in-schlumberger-tie-up Mon, 19 Oct 2015 21:43:31 +0000 live Kvaerner counts on new costs app http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1414217/kvaerner-counts-on-new-costs-app Cost control is the prevailing mantra for contractors like Kvaerner as they face keen price competition for scarce platform fabrication jobs amid low oil prices – and the Norwegian player aims to outsmart rivals with new advanced calculation software. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1414217/kvaerner-counts-on-new-costs-app Fri, 16 Oct 2015 07:21:22 +0000 live Aker steps on gas compression http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1414252/aker-steps-on-gas-compression Aker Solutions is teaming up with German player MAN Diesel & Turbo to accelerate development of a new generation of low-cost subsea compression systems to exploit resources from smaller fields. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1414252/aker-steps-on-gas-compression Fri, 16 Oct 2015 07:05:29 +0000 live Arctic rig awaits thaw http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1413981/arctic-rig-awaits-thaw The challenge of ice incursion remains a major obstacle to prolonged drilling operations in Arctic waters, posing a technical risk for traditional rigs and restricting them to work in the short ice-free season. Steve Marshall talks to Sevan Marine about its proposed cylindrical solution. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1413981/arctic-rig-awaits-thaw Wed, 14 Oct 2015 13:52:35 +0000 live Productive pessimism http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1413841/productive-pessimism Five years on from Macondo the industry 'still hasn't escped the shackles of hindsight,' drilling expert says Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1413841/productive-pessimism Tue, 13 Oct 2015 07:38:58 +0000 live Gullfaks S compression online http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1413761/gullfaks-s-compression-online Statoil has brought online the world’s first subsea wet gas compressor station installed at its Gullfaks South field off Norway – and is now hunting for other field candidates on which to apply the innovative technology. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1413761/gullfaks-s-compression-online Mon, 12 Oct 2015 06:52:32 +0000 live Innovation in the offing http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1413705/innovation-in-the-offing The latest edition of Upstream Technology focuses on offshore rig design and how designers are raising the stakes as more is demanded of drilling vessels. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1413705/innovation-in-the-offing Fri, 09 Oct 2015 22:47:07 +0000 live Statoil in new energies Uni pact http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1412852/statoil-in-new-energies-uni-pact Norwegian state player Statoil is pumping funds into researching alternative energy solutions in a collaboration deal with a compatriot university. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1412852/statoil-in-new-energies-uni-pact Thu, 01 Oct 2015 11:57:18 +0000 live Weatherford gets ExxonMobil packer license http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1411933/weatherford-gets-exxonmobil-packer-license Oilfield services player Weatherford has been granted an international license for ExxonMobil's patented Internal Shunt Alternate Path (ISAPT) packer for openhole completions, which has direct application to deep-water developments. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1411933/weatherford-gets-exxonmobil-packer-license Wed, 23 Sep 2015 16:02:51 +0000 live PE cash backs new Norwegian outfit http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1411274/pe-cash-backs-new-norwegian-outfit WellConnection Group, a new well services player backed by private equity funds has hit the Norwegian market. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1411274/pe-cash-backs-new-norwegian-outfit Tue, 15 Sep 2015 07:26:58 +0000 live Magma in BP, Subsea 7 pipe pact http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1411214/magma-in-bp-subsea-7-pipe-pact UK technology player Magma Global has signed a joint development agreement with BP and Subsea 7 concerning composite subsea pipelines for deep-water projects. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1411214/magma-in-bp-subsea-7-pipe-pact Mon, 14 Sep 2015 12:08:08 +0000 live Tendeka nets $10m Middle East deals http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1411195/tendeka-nets-usd-10m-middle-east-deals Technology services player Tendeka has landed a duo of contracts in the Middle East for zonal isolation and inflow control systems worth up to $10 million. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1411195/tendeka-nets-usd-10m-middle-east-deals Mon, 14 Sep 2015 08:33:04 +0000 live Stop ‘over-engineering’ in the North Sea http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1410825/stop-over-engineering-in-the-north-sea Oil companies and contractors need to stop over-engineering on projects if the industry is to ride out the current commodity price malaise, a services executive has said. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1410825/stop-over-engineering-in-the-north-sea Wed, 09 Sep 2015 13:57:29 +0000 live Class outfits hunt industry savings http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1410816/class-outfits-hunt-industry-savings Classification companies are investigating ways to save the industry “millions” of dollars and improve efficiency by introducing new projects and platforms. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1410816/class-outfits-hunt-industry-savings Wed, 09 Sep 2015 12:54:02 +0000 live 'North Sea cost cuts bearing fruit' - OGUK http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1410754/north-sea-cost-cuts-bearing-fruit-oguk The body representing the UK North Sea industry reckons efforts to bring the sector's spiralling costs under control are starting to pay off. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1410754/north-sea-cost-cuts-bearing-fruit-oguk Tue, 08 Sep 2015 23:23:40 +0000 live Kibsgaard aims for Cameron ‘synergies’ http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409675/kibsgaard-aims-for-cameron-synergies Schlumberger will immediately look at its corporate and back-office costs once its proposed $14.8 billion acquisition of US services player Cameron has closed. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409675/kibsgaard-aims-for-cameron-synergies Wed, 26 Aug 2015 15:21:16 +0000 live Schlumberger to acquire Cameron http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409671/schlumberger-to-acquire-cameron Oilfield services giant Schlumberger is set to acquire fellow US contractor Cameron under a $14.8 billion stock-and-cash deal in the latest mega-merger in the sector to combat the impact of low oil prices. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409671/schlumberger-to-acquire-cameron Wed, 26 Aug 2015 10:41:10 +0000 live Hub of discovery http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409548/hub-of-discovery Tapping expertise from industry and academia, a collaborative research programme is uncovering valuable information about corrosion and developing advanced materials for oil and gas applications, including a new hydrogen-resistant steel alloy. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409548/hub-of-discovery Tue, 25 Aug 2015 13:24:43 +0000 live Green light for Gullfaks S compression http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409576/green-light-for-gullfaks-s-compression Statoil is set to bring online its ground-breaking Gullfaks South subsea wet gas compression project off Norway by October after gaining consent for start-up and operation of the facility from the authorities. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409576/green-light-for-gullfaks-s-compression Tue, 25 Aug 2015 13:03:45 +0000 live North Sea small field solution http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409302/north-sea-small-field-solution The Kroonborg vessel went to work this spring in the UK and Dutch sectors of the southern North Sea, where Shell’s ONEgas business unit and the Shell-ExxonMobil joint venture NAM operate 56 gas producing platforms, 44 of them unmanned. The bespoke support vessel is a key piece of the company’s operational strategy in the region, where production is shifting from mature, declining reservoirs to smaller gas deposits. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409302/north-sea-small-field-solution Fri, 21 Aug 2015 08:00:24 +0000 live New rig licence for Sevan Marine http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409009/new-rig-licence-for-sevan-marine Sevan Marine has issued a licence to a mystery drilling player to develop a new cylindrical rig based on the Norwegian floater technology player’s proprietary design that it is touting for Arctic and harsh-environment waters. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409009/new-rig-licence-for-sevan-marine Wed, 19 Aug 2015 09:06:05 +0000 live Schlumberger in business unit sale http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1408867/schlumberger-in-business-unit-sale Oilfield services behemoth Schlumberger is selling its management consultancy wing to global giant Accenture. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1408867/schlumberger-in-business-unit-sale Mon, 17 Aug 2015 12:58:03 +0000 live Rosneft makes oilfield services buy http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1408711/rosneft-makes-oilfield-services-buy Russian oil giant Rosneft has snapped up the local wing of Canadian oilfield services company Trican Well Service. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1408711/rosneft-makes-oilfield-services-buy Fri, 14 Aug 2015 13:34:25 +0000 live Lipski quits as Velocys CEO http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1408251/lipski-quits-as-velocys-ceo Mystery shrouds the sudden departure of Roy Lipski as long-time chief executive of gas-to-liquids (GTL) player Velocys a month after he was suspended over “allegations of serious misconduct”. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1408251/lipski-quits-as-velocys-ceo Tue, 11 Aug 2015 08:20:39 +0000 live Oceaneering takes bite out of Viper http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1408192/oceaneering-takes-bite-out-of-viper US services player Oceaneering International has snapped up a minority stake in UK minnow Viper Subsea Technology for an undisclosed sum. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1408192/oceaneering-takes-bite-out-of-viper Mon, 10 Aug 2015 11:13:09 +0000 live Hannon Westwood makes Novas buy http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1407981/hannon-westwood-makes-novas-buy UK upstream research firm Hannon Westwood has started to splash some private equity cash after snapping up compatriot outfit Novas Consulting. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1407981/hannon-westwood-makes-novas-buy Thu, 06 Aug 2015 14:50:43 +0000 live