www.upstreamonline.com http://www.upstreamonline.com/ www.upstreamonline.com Statoil in new energies Uni pact http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1412852/statoil-in-new-energies-uni-pact Norwegian state player Statoil is pumping funds into researching alternative energy solutions in a collaboration deal with a compatriot university. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1412852/statoil-in-new-energies-uni-pact Thu, 01 Oct 2015 11:57:18 +0000 live Weatherford gets ExxonMobil packer license http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1411933/weatherford-gets-exxonmobil-packer-license Oilfield services player Weatherford has been granted an international license for ExxonMobil's patented Internal Shunt Alternate Path (ISAPT) packer for openhole completions, which has direct application to deep-water developments. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1411933/weatherford-gets-exxonmobil-packer-license Wed, 23 Sep 2015 16:02:51 +0000 live PE cash backs new Norwegian outfit http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1411274/pe-cash-backs-new-norwegian-outfit WellConnection Group, a new well services player backed by private equity funds has hit the Norwegian market. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1411274/pe-cash-backs-new-norwegian-outfit Tue, 15 Sep 2015 07:26:58 +0000 live Magma in BP, Subsea 7 pipe pact http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1411214/magma-in-bp-subsea-7-pipe-pact UK technology player Magma Global has signed a joint development agreement with BP and Subsea 7 concerning composite subsea pipelines for deep-water projects. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1411214/magma-in-bp-subsea-7-pipe-pact Mon, 14 Sep 2015 12:08:08 +0000 live Tendeka nets $10m Middle East deals http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1411195/tendeka-nets-usd-10m-middle-east-deals Technology services player Tendeka has landed a duo of contracts in the Middle East for zonal isolation and inflow control systems worth up to $10 million. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1411195/tendeka-nets-usd-10m-middle-east-deals Mon, 14 Sep 2015 08:33:04 +0000 live Stop ‘over-engineering’ in the North Sea http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1410825/stop-over-engineering-in-the-north-sea Oil companies and contractors need to stop over-engineering on projects if the industry is to ride out the current commodity price malaise, a services executive has said. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1410825/stop-over-engineering-in-the-north-sea Wed, 09 Sep 2015 13:57:29 +0000 live Class outfits hunt industry savings http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1410816/class-outfits-hunt-industry-savings Classification companies are investigating ways to save the industry “millions” of dollars and improve efficiency by introducing new projects and platforms. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1410816/class-outfits-hunt-industry-savings Wed, 09 Sep 2015 12:54:02 +0000 live 'North Sea cost cuts bearing fruit' - OGUK http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1410754/north-sea-cost-cuts-bearing-fruit-oguk The body representing the UK North Sea industry reckons efforts to bring the sector's spiralling costs under control are starting to pay off. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1410754/north-sea-cost-cuts-bearing-fruit-oguk Tue, 08 Sep 2015 23:23:40 +0000 live Kibsgaard aims for Cameron ‘synergies’ http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409675/kibsgaard-aims-for-cameron-synergies Schlumberger will immediately look at its corporate and back-office costs once its proposed $14.8 billion acquisition of US services player Cameron has closed. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409675/kibsgaard-aims-for-cameron-synergies Wed, 26 Aug 2015 15:21:16 +0000 live Schlumberger to acquire Cameron http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409671/schlumberger-to-acquire-cameron Oilfield services giant Schlumberger is set to acquire fellow US contractor Cameron under a $14.8 billion stock-and-cash deal in the latest mega-merger in the sector to combat the impact of low oil prices. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409671/schlumberger-to-acquire-cameron Wed, 26 Aug 2015 10:41:10 +0000 live Hub of discovery http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409548/hub-of-discovery Tapping expertise from industry and academia, a collaborative research programme is uncovering valuable information about corrosion and developing advanced materials for oil and gas applications, including a new hydrogen-resistant steel alloy. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409548/hub-of-discovery Tue, 25 Aug 2015 13:24:43 +0000 live Green light for Gullfaks S compression http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409576/green-light-for-gullfaks-s-compression Statoil is set to bring online its ground-breaking Gullfaks South subsea wet gas compression project off Norway by October after gaining consent for start-up and operation of the facility from the authorities. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409576/green-light-for-gullfaks-s-compression Tue, 25 Aug 2015 13:03:45 +0000 live North Sea small field solution http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409302/north-sea-small-field-solution The Kroonborg vessel went to work this spring in the UK and Dutch sectors of the southern North Sea, where Shell’s ONEgas business unit and the Shell-ExxonMobil joint venture NAM operate 56 gas producing platforms, 44 of them unmanned. The bespoke support vessel is a key piece of the company’s operational strategy in the region, where production is shifting from mature, declining reservoirs to smaller gas deposits. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409302/north-sea-small-field-solution Fri, 21 Aug 2015 08:00:24 +0000 live New rig licence for Sevan Marine http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409009/new-rig-licence-for-sevan-marine Sevan Marine has issued a licence to a mystery drilling player to develop a new cylindrical rig based on the Norwegian floater technology player’s proprietary design that it is touting for Arctic and harsh-environment waters. Steve.Marshall@upstreamonline.com (Steve Marshall) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1409009/new-rig-licence-for-sevan-marine Wed, 19 Aug 2015 09:06:05 +0000 live Schlumberger in business unit sale http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1408867/schlumberger-in-business-unit-sale Oilfield services behemoth Schlumberger is selling its management consultancy wing to global giant Accenture. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1408867/schlumberger-in-business-unit-sale Mon, 17 Aug 2015 12:58:03 +0000 live Rosneft makes oilfield services buy http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1408711/rosneft-makes-oilfield-services-buy Russian oil giant Rosneft has snapped up the local wing of Canadian oilfield services company Trican Well Service. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1408711/rosneft-makes-oilfield-services-buy Fri, 14 Aug 2015 13:34:25 +0000 live Lipski quits as Velocys CEO http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1408251/lipski-quits-as-velocys-ceo Mystery shrouds the sudden departure of Roy Lipski as long-time chief executive of gas-to-liquids (GTL) player Velocys a month after he was suspended over “allegations of serious misconduct”. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1408251/lipski-quits-as-velocys-ceo Tue, 11 Aug 2015 08:20:39 +0000 live Oceaneering takes bite out of Viper http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1408192/oceaneering-takes-bite-out-of-viper US services player Oceaneering International has snapped up a minority stake in UK minnow Viper Subsea Technology for an undisclosed sum. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1408192/oceaneering-takes-bite-out-of-viper Mon, 10 Aug 2015 11:13:09 +0000 live Hannon Westwood makes Novas buy http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1407981/hannon-westwood-makes-novas-buy UK upstream research firm Hannon Westwood has started to splash some private equity cash after snapping up compatriot outfit Novas Consulting. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1407981/hannon-westwood-makes-novas-buy Thu, 06 Aug 2015 14:50:43 +0000 live SembCorp finalises US$1bn semisub deal http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1405918/sembcorp-finalises-us-usd-1bn-semisub-deal Singapore's Sembcorp Marine has finalised a US$1 billion contract to build a massive semi-submersible crane vessel for Dutch company Heerema Marine Contractors. russell.searancke@upstreamonline.com (Russell Searancke) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1405918/sembcorp-finalises-us-usd-1bn-semisub-deal Wed, 15 Jul 2015 01:31:57 +0000 live Suncor launches water-free oil-sands pilot http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1405912/suncor-launches-water-free-oil-sands-pilot Canada's Suncor Energy is taking the next step in eliminating the need for water in thermal oil sands operations by using radio waves to extract bitumen from deep underground. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1405912/suncor-launches-water-free-oil-sands-pilot Tue, 14 Jul 2015 20:36:42 +0000 live OneSubsea in Subsea 7 alliance http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1405734/onesubsea-in-subsea-7-alliance OneSubsea has formed its second subsea systems strategic alliance in a week, this time entering a pact with Subsea 7. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1405734/onesubsea-in-subsea-7-alliance Mon, 13 Jul 2015 07:11:39 +0000 live Chevron, OneSubsea in HPHT tie-up http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1405615/chevron-onesubsea-in-hpht-tie-up Chevron and OneSubsea are teaming up in a joint venture to develop subsea systems for high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) environments. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1405615/chevron-onesubsea-in-hpht-tie-up Thu, 09 Jul 2015 12:52:14 +0000 live Drydocks World finishes Prelude Turret http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1405256/drydocks-world-finishes-prelude-turret United Arab Emirates yard Drydocks World has completed the massive turret for Shell’s Prelude floating liquefied natural gas project off Western Australia. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1405256/drydocks-world-finishes-prelude-turret Mon, 06 Jul 2015 12:00:06 +0000 live Velocys suspends CEO over alleged ‘misconduct’ http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1405217/velocys-suspends-ceo-over-alleged-misconduct Gas-to-liquids (GTL) player Velocys has seen its share price plunge after its chief executive was suspended over “allegations of serious misconduct”. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1405217/velocys-suspends-ceo-over-alleged-misconduct Mon, 06 Jul 2015 08:04:36 +0000 live Plexus inks Yantai Jereh deal http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1405047/plexus-inks-yantai-jereh-deal Chinese player Yantai Jereh Oilfield Services Group is taking a stake in Plexus Holdings as it also signs a licence agreement with the UK-based equipment player. Eoin.Ocinneide@upstreamonline.com (Eoin O'Cinneide) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1405047/plexus-inks-yantai-jereh-deal Thu, 02 Jul 2015 13:50:58 +0000 live BSEE tests Arctic containment equipment http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1403755/bsee-tests-arctic-containment-equipment A US regulatory agency has tested containment equipment Shell would use in case of a blowout during its Arctic drilling campaign. caroline.evans@upstreamonline.com (Caroline Evans) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1403755/bsee-tests-arctic-containment-equipment Fri, 19 Jun 2015 22:20:09 +0000 live NASA tests new radar in North Sea clean-up drill http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1403739/nasa-tests-new-radar-in-north-sea-clean-up-drill NASA scientists recently tested airborne radar technology to monitor a controlled release of oil during Norway's North Sea oil spill clean-up exercise. caroline.evans@upstreamonline.com (Caroline Evans) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1403739/nasa-tests-new-radar-in-north-sea-clean-up-drill Fri, 19 Jun 2015 16:18:18 +0000 live Carbo enhances Lower Tertiary well http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1403314/carbo-enhances-lower-tertiary-well Proppant manufacturer Carbo Ceramics said it has successfully applied two technologies to enhance production from a drilling operation in the Lower Tertiary play of the deep-water Gulf of Mexico. Luke.Johnson@upstreamonline.com (Luke Johnson) http://www.upstreamonline.com/live/1403314/carbo-enhances-lower-tertiary-well Tue, 16 Jun 2015 18:40:04 +0000 live