Gambian hopes for fresh phase

The shock victory last week for opposition candidate Adama Barrow in Gambia’s presidential elections is expected to benefit oil and gas companies keen to shake off the sclerotic years of slow-moving indecision by incumbent head of state Yahya Jammeh.

Uzbekistan stability ahead

The former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan has confirmed that Shavkat Mirziyoyev is its new president after elections following the death in September of Islam Karimov, who had led the nation for 27 years.

Sirte return

Forces of the United Nations-sponsored Libyan national unity government in Tripoli have cleared the last of the so-called Islamic State (IS) extremists from the port of Sirte after a seven-month battle.

Energy East fate uncertain

The fate of TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline (EEP) hangs in the balance, with some wondering if industry will even need it anymore after two major pipeline projects were approved by the Canadian government last week, writes Tonya Zelinsky.

Warnings sounding for Nyusi

Mozambique's rapid demise from Africa’s go-to upstream hot spot to a country starved of money and beset by corruption is sad to see — but par for the course in many parts of the continent, writes Iain Esau.