Spotlight: GAS/LNG

FLNG reaches first major mileposts

After many years of tentative build-up, FLNG has just reached its biggest landmark yet. The world’s first such vessel has started up off Malaysia. We look at how the sector has been shaping up, not least through the difficult economic weather of recent times.

Project review: Incahuasi

Foothills fortune

In the face of drilling and production challenges of a level typically seen only in deep water, engineers at Total have brought the first phase of the Incahuasi gas project in Bolivia online.

Demystified: Gas/LNG

Sour power

Rising demand, technology gains and a spate of new projects have put sour gas in operators’ sights. The niche product has the potential to grow.

Tech Talk

Global prospects

Halliburton’s Dustin Young sees a future for international shale gas developments. But conditions above ground and below will set them apart from their North American counterparts.

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Fault finding

Earthquakes are mysterious phenomena. For millennia, they happened naturally. But in the last eight years, human activity has induced thousands of earthquakes in the American heartland. Jennifer Pallanich helps clear up some of the confusion surrounding induced and natural earthquakes.

Points of light

Fibre optics can provide lightning-fast internet connections, but when deployed downhole this fibre optic highway can give an operator insight into a reservoir’s behaviour. The capabilities stretch from temperature sensing to seismic mapping and beyond.


SPOTLIGHT: Subsea Systems

SPOTLIGHT : Life of Field


Tech Talk

Cooper comes full circle

The career of serial deepwater innovator Phil Cooper took a significant turn when he traded his years in the relative quiet of design and engineering consultancy for a new role in the hurly-burly of offshore contracting. He talks to David Morgan about his reasons for hooking up with ubiquitous deepwater installation contractor Heerema — not least the chance to play with the biggest of big boys’ toys.


Model behaviour

Schlumberger has launched GeoTesting geology-based well test design and interpretation services, which is built in the Petrel E&P software platform.