Spotlight: Topsides

Power to the people

In an oversupplied natural gas market, one major contractor is floating a concept that uses offshore oil and gas technologies to provide vital resources such as drinking water and affordable power to coastal communities.

Jet set

Drawing on its experience with jet engines, GE is rolling out a powerful gas turbine that aims to lower costs and save platform space in LNG operations.

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Sour power

Rising demand, technology gains and a spate of new projects have put sour gas in operators’ sights. The niche product has the potential to grow.

Project Review: Stones

Stepping Stones to start-up

Just months after start-up of Shell’s record-setting Stones development in the Gulf of Mexico, a key member of the development team shares his thoughts on planning, quality and safety — and how the industry can benefit through greater collaboration.


Seeking sustainability in the UK North Sea

A new Aberdeen-based technology development organisation is aiming to help oil and gas companies get the most out of the UK's offshore reservoirs — and to make north-east Scotland a global hub for offshore research and development.




SPOTLIGHT: Subsea Systems

Mixing a better cement

By examining how cement works at the molecular level, scientists at Halliburton created a lighter but stronger and more flexible cement for horizontal shale wells.


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Tech Talk

Tech Talk

Global prospects

Halliburton’s Dustin Young sees a future for international shale gas developments. But conditions above ground and below will set them apart from their North American counterparts.

Points of light

Fibre optics can provide lightning-fast internet connections, but when deployed downhole this fibre optic highway can give an operator insight into a reservoir’s behaviour. The capabilities stretch from temperature sensing to seismic mapping and beyond.


Extra protection

InterDam, the Dutch supplier of fire and blast resistant doors and walls to the oil and gas industry, is advocating more careful consideration of the effects of both blast and fire on oilfield architecture.

Buoyancy first

Trelleborg’s offshore division and SubC Partner have teamed up for what the companies say is the first offshore replacement of buoyancy modules conducted on an FPSO’s live 12-inch production riser while production remained up and running.

Single trip testing

Samoco Oil Tools, in collaboration with Shell Offshore Engineering, has introduced a new tool, OneTrip, which aims to reduce the time and costs associated with mandatory blowout preventer testing.