Spotlight: Inspection, Repair & Maintenance

In the drone zone

Once a novelty, drones are fast becoming an indispensable part of the offshore oil and gas inspection tool kit. Early adopter Maersk Oil talks about recent projects, and where the technology could be headed

Cold work start for new repair player

With a campaign due to start on the Girassol FPSO at the end of this year - and a smaller maiden contract already executed in March - French company ColdPad is now off and running with its new system for ‘no hot work’ repairs

High-tech handling

Taking cues from Amazon and Google, two Scottish companies have paired up to create a global intelligence platform for the energy supply chain

Planning ahead to combat corrosion

In an industry often accused of over-engineering, cathodic protection seems to get the scantest of attention during project planning stages. One company aims to put corrosion prevention at the forefront

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Keeping it steel

Carbon steel may be strong, but it is no match for the corrosive effects of seawater. However, cathodic protection helps preserve the integrity of offshore steel structures.

Life of field

Doubling down on digital

A digital twin maintained throughout an asset’s life can help keep the project on schedule during fabrication and anticipate repair needs once it is up and running


SPOTLIGHT: Enhanced Recovery



Tech Talk

Tech Talk

Global prospects

Halliburton’s Dustin Young sees a future for international shale gas developments. But conditions above ground and below will set them apart from their North American counterparts.


Cleaner injection

Completions systems specialist Tendeka has released its Cascade3 sand control technology, which the company says will eliminate failure mechanisms associated with water injection wells.

Cased collection

Schlumberger has introduced a spectroscopy service that the company says provides the industry’s first complete cased-hole formation evaluation and reservoir saturation monitoring with open-hole logging quality.

Swift platform

UK-based Aquaterra Energy has designed, fabricated and installed a new Sea Swift platform for PICO Petroleum Integrated Services, the lead contractor for Amal Petroleum Company’s (AMAPETCO) Amal field in the Gulf of Suez, off Egypt.

Heavy measures

Flow measurement organisation NEL has developed a new method to improve the accuracy of differential pressure meters for high viscosity oil, which NEL says will help reduce financial exposure for operators and address challenges involved measuring heavy oil.

Irish survey

Sercel has commercially deployed its multi-sensor solid streamer, the Sentinel MS, for the first time, the company says.

Standardised support

With an eye on the fast-track offshore development market, Trelleborg’s offshore operation has introduced the Standardized Buoyancy Module system, an “off-the-shelf” buoyancy solution designed to be a viable alternative to custom options for some projects.

Extra protection

InterDam, the Dutch supplier of fire and blast resistant doors and walls to the oil and gas industry, is advocating more careful consideration of the effects of both blast and fire on oilfield architecture.