At least six workers at Hyundai Heavy Industries flagship yard in Ulsan, South Korea have tested positive for the coronavirus.

According to Ulsan City officials, one worker showed symptoms of Covid-19 before returning a positive test on 6 September. This led to the quarantining of part of Hyundai’s yard and another three such cases were detected a couple of days later.

An HHI official confirmed the Covid-19 outbreak to Upstream’s sister publication Tradewinds, adding the yard had then stopped work at the unit – said to be the block fabrication unit - where the workers had tested positive for the virus.

Subsequent tests for the novel coronavirus was performed on some 2000 workers last Thursday and all the results were negative. Hyundai employs approximately 27,000 people, including sub-contractors, at its Ulsan facility.

The yard carried out Covid-19 tests for around 2000 workers on Thursday and all results came back negative.

“It's not so many people that’s been placed under quarantine,” he told Tradewinds, without elaboration.

“Only those that were working closely with the infected workers have been placed in quarantine."

The contractor is now carrying out daily temperature checks on its shipyard staff while around half of its office employees are currently working from home.

Hyundai Heavy Industries is the first offshore and marine yard in South Korea known to have been impacted by the coronavirus.

The Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention had reported 22,176 cases of Covid-19 and 358 deaths as of midnight on Saturday.