BP chief executive Bernard Looney has joined the almost 25 million people in the UK that have received their first vaccination jab against the Covid-19 virus.

The UK supermajor’s chief executive stepped up late last week to have his first of two shots of the AstraZeneca vaccine, taking time out on social media to let followers know he is not the biggest fan of medical needles.

“I was lucky enough to be given my #COVIDVaccine yesterday,” the Irishman said in an 11 March post on LinkedIn, one of the many social media channels the oil boss regularly uses to publish messages.

“A big thank you to our fantastic NHS staff and volunteers for how brilliantly organised it was.”

Looney accompanied his post with a picture of confirmation of the vaccination, showing it was given on 10 March — although it did not show when his second jab is due to be administered.

The Kerry native had been due to take a picture of himself receiving the vaccination, but it seems the whole process proved a little more unnerving than he had anticipated.

“My social media team asked me to take a picture... but I don’t like needles and got distracted and forgot. In any case it was quick, easy and painless,” Looney wrote.

Vaccinations are being rolled out swiftly in the UK as the country’s health service makes its way through priority groups based on age and specific medical needs.

One LinkedIn follower responded to Looney’s comment, saying: “Bernard I thought you were close to 50 not between 56-59 yrs, the group which is being vaccinated currently.”

The Irishman shot back: “I think I was lucky. I got the invite and off I went. I do probably feel older these days though!”

As of the middle of this week, almost 25 million people in the UK had received their first vaccination. The government plans to offer 32 million people — nearly half the population — a first dose by mid-April.