Mozambique's government has quarantined 35 workers at the Afungi liquefied natural gas construction site in Cabo Delgado after an employee of French supermajor Total tested positive for Covid-19.

Ilesh Jani, director general of Mozambique's National Institute of Health (INH), said the government carried out urgent contact tracing at Afungi and identified 66 people who had contact with the Total worker, 64 of whom were from the affected individual’s professional environment.

“All mapped contacts are quarantined," said Jani, "of which 35 are at the camp in Afungi and 17 are in Maputo, Nampula and Pemba".

He said 14 others had left Mozambique for South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the US, adding that it has notified the World Health Organization about their whereabouts.

The number of officially registered cases of Covid-19 in Mozambique now stands at 17, according to the Ministry of Health. Of these, five positive cases are at Afungi.

Minister of Health Armindo Tiago said the Total worker is a Mozambican citizen over 60 years old and was diagnosed with Covid-19 on 1 April.

“This citizen arrived in Maputo from Afungi on 29 March. Soon after arrival, this citizen was quarantined and immediately underwent the coronavirus test."

Total was unable to respond to questions from Upstream.

According to the latest figures from the Africa Centre for Disease Control & Prevention (ACDCP), the continent has had 11,424 Covid-19 cases, of which 572 have died and 1283 have recovered.

The known cases are dominated by South Africa, Egypt, Algeria and Morocco, with 6252 cases between them and 419 deaths.

In the key oil and gas producers, there have been 276 cases in Nigeria, six of whom have died, with 16 cases in Angola, where two have died.

Ghana has had 313 cases and six deaths while 244 cases have been identified in Senegal where two have died. The Ivory Coast has reported 384 cases and three deaths.

The respective Covid-19 cases and death figures for Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea are 677 (nine), 60 (five), 33 (one) and 18 (zero).

In East Africa, meanwhile, ACDCP's figures for Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are 179 (six), 53 (zero) and 25 (one).