Japanese operator Inpex is cancelling all of its facilities tours for shareholders this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Inpex usually organises tours of facilities — including its Naoetsu LNG terminal — for shareholders to convey its “appreciation for their continuous support and help improve their knowledge and understanding of the company’s business operations”.


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Tour participants are selected by a lottery from among eligible shareholders who hold at least 100 common shares of Inpex at the end of the previous year and who apply to attend the tours.

This year’s visits — which had been scheduled for May — have been cancelled, Inpex said, “given the possibility that a considerable amount of time may be required for the entire Japanese population to be vaccinated as reported, and there is currently no clear prospect for the containment of the spread of infection”.

Inpex — and the lucky few shareholders — will be hoping that the 2022 itinerary comes to fruition.