South Korea’s Samsung Heavy Industries has achieved a milestone in the pursuit of sustainable maritime solutions as it received Approval in Principal (AiP) from Norwegian classification society DNV for a floating CO2 storage unit (FCSU).

The FCSU, which was jointly developed with Malaysian energy giant Petronas' shipping subsidiary MISC, marks a pivotal moment in Samsung's commitment to combating climate change, the company said.

The FCSU measures 330 metres in length and 64 metres wide. This behemoth, which is equipped with highly-pressurised tanks boasting total storage capacity of 100,000 cubic metres, is designed to store liquefied carbon dioxide at temperatures plummeting below minus 50 degrees Celsius.

With an injection module mounted atop the FCSU's hull, the vessel is capable of transporting 5 million tonnes per annum of carbon dioxide for injection below the seabed.

The amount of carbon dioxide that can be sequestered by this technology is equivalent to the emissions generated by approximately 3.3 million passenger cars annually, Samsung Heavy Industries said on its website.

Since early this year, the contractor, in close collaboration with MISC, has embarked on a journey of conceptual exploration to drive CCS commercialisation.

In tandem, MISC has charted a strategic course to develop a robust business model for CO2 storage in offshore depleted gas fields in Malaysia.

Samsung Heavy Indsustries added it is poised to supply FCSUs that will play an integral role in supporting the implementation of CCS projects on a global scale.

Gyoon-joong Yoon, head of the offshore engineering management team at Samsung Heavy Industries, said: "Our offshore business is expanding its territory beyond existing oil and gas production equipment, such as FPSO and FLNG. Our portfolio now encompasses a range of environmentally friendly products, spanning from offshore wind power and nuclear power (SMR) to CCS."

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