Italy’s Eni has launched an equal joint venture with BF Group to produce biofuels from agricultural products as part of its efforts to increase its biofuel production capacity.

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In a 50%-50% partnership, the companies will use agricultural seeds from oil plants as feedstock for Eni’s biorefineries. Eni will also purchase a minority stake in BF Group’s subsidiary Bonifiche Ferraresi. It is the largest Italian farm in terms of used agricultural surface area at 7,750 hectares.

The companies are still identifying the best plant species to use to maintain sustainability based on the European Directive on biofuels, then Bonifiche Ferraresi’s Open Sky Laboratories will test the process in Sardinia.

The joint venture will also develop training programmes for the agro-feedstock project development sectors.

The move is part of Eni’s plans to stop using palm oil in its production processes by 2023, reach full carbon neutrality by 2050, and double it’s biofuel production capacity to around 2 million tonnes per year by 2024.

Eni announced in October plans to produce sustainable aviation fuel with ambitions to decarbonise the aviation sector. Biofuels produced in the partnership with BF Group are intended for use in containing carbon dioxide emissions in the transport sector.