Singapore’s Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M) is teaming up with DNV of Norway to collaborate on the hydrogen value chain as part of a decarbonisation drive in the Southeast Asian nation.

The pair aim to explore the safe implementation of potential new technologies and work jointly with relevant governmental agencies to promote the introduction of hydrogen as an energy source in Singapore to support the country’s decarbonisation goals.

DNV told Upstream its focus is to support Keppel in developing the technology for utilising hydrogen as an energy carrier.

"The source of hydrogen considered could vary depending upon the final application," said DNV.

Green hydrogen is produced using renewable energy to power electrolysis — splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen.

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Hydrogen can also be produced with steam-reforming processes using natural gas combined with carbon capture and storage, called blue hydrogen — although this is not a carbon-free process.

Together, DNV and Keppel O&M will co-operate to explore and develop offshore applications for hydrogen technology, infrastructure requirements for hydrogen storage and local transportation, as well as safety requirements for hydrogen as an energy source.

Some of the safety studies and pilot activities will be performed within Keppel O&M’s Floating Living Lab, a first-of-its-kind floating testbed in Singapore that will enable industry to test new energy technologies.

“Keppel O&M is at the forefront in supporting the marine industry’s search for greener fuels such as hydrogen, and we have been working closely with partners such as DNV to support this energy transition,” said Tan Leong Peng, managing director (New Builds), Keppel O&M.

In line with Keppel’s Vision 2030, which includes seizing opportunities in new energy, the Singaporean contractor is leveraging its engineering capabilities, expertise in gas solutions and newbuild experience to develop value-added solutions for customers.

“DNV’s strategic ambition is to enable our customers to tackle global transformations such as the energy transition. We use our knowledge to advance safety and performance, set industry benchmarks, and to inspire and invent forward-looking solutions,” said Brice Le Gallo, regional director for Asia Pacific energy systems at DNV.

The memorandum of understanding with Keppel O&M is yet another testament to this ambition, he added.

The agreement on hydrogen, signed on Thursday, reinforces the collaboration between DNV and Keppel O&M following a 2019 partnership to enhance liquefied natural gas as a ship fuel.

Updated to include comment from DNV.