Mexico has had its Sol pilsner since 1899, but now South Korea is launching a rival “sunny” beer — and it’s all part of the energy transition.

Oriental Brewery will produce beer using self-produced solar energy.

Oriental held a ground-breaking ceremony last week with Kepco Energy Solution and Aenous for its solar generation facilities, which could offset more than 5600 tonnes of carbon annually.

In joining the Renewable Energy 100 initiative, encouraging the use of green power, the brewery will become the first corporation to build infrastructure to generate its own renewable energy, The Korea Herald reported. Solar generators will be installed at Oriental Brewery’s three production plants in Icheon, Cheongju and Gwangju, providing a combined 12 gigawatt hours annually for brewing the tipple.

The solar-powered beer should begin to flow in the first half of next year at all of its three plants.

The facilities are expected to last 30 years, which could cut more than 160,000 tonnes of carbon down the line. “It marks the first step towards using 100% renewable energy,” said Oriental Brewery chief executive Ben Verhaert.

Surely that’s worth raising a glass to.