US midstream company Tallgrass is expanding the reach of its Eastern Wyoming Sequestration Hub by planning a carbon capture project at an ADM corn processing complex in Nebraska.

Kansas-based Tallgrass will convert its Trailblazer natural gas pipeline to transport carbon dioxide captured from the facility to the storage hub for permanent storage underground.

The 400-mile (640-kilometre) pipeline runs through Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska and aims to have the capacity to transport more than 10 million tonnes per annum of CO2.

“We’re able to repurpose existing infrastructure to create significant CO2 transportation capacity without impacting natural gas service in that region,” said Tallgrass segment president Kyle Quackenbush.

“At the same time, we are enabling customers to meet their decarbonisation goals, as well as minimising environmental and landowner impact.”

The hub plans to be in service in 2024.

Tallgrass had previously announced the hub was awarded grant funding from the Wyoming Energy Authority to drill a characterisation well in connection with its anticipated Class VI permit filing for the hub.

This specific CCS project would help food-processing company ADM decarbonise its Columbus, Nebraska, facility.

“Earlier this year, we announced an agreement that would allow us to sequester carbon from two of our biggest processing facilities in the US, and now we’re looking forward to working with Tallgrass to continue our work towards meeting our decarbonization goals,” said Chris Cuddy, president of ADM’s Carbohydrate Solutions business.

“Carbon sequestration is a key way in which we’re evolving our Carbohydrate Solutions business, one that has already allowed us to deliver the industry’s first net zero emission wheat milling footprint and will continue to enable us to advance our strategy and scale up our work to meet ever-expanding needs and make a positive impact for global populations.”

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