French energy technology giant Schlumberger will deploy its Delfi cognitive E&P environment to optimise carbon transport and storage for the Northern Lights joint venture between Equinor, Shell, and TotalEnergies.

The Norwegian carbon capture and storage project will use the digital platform to streamline subsurface workflows and modelling and surveillance of carbon dioxide sequestration.

The project plans to eventually store up to 5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, based on market demand, with operations expected to begin in 2024.

“Northern Lights has recognized the huge potential of Schlumberger’s digital technology to fast-track decision making and de-risk CO2 transportation and storage operations,” said Rajeev Sonthalia, president of Digital & Integration at Schlumberger.

“The technology facilitates high degrees of automation and autonomy in data analytics and operational processes, enabling Northern Lights to accelerate its end-to-end workflows and achieve increases in operational efficiency and performance through the power of AI and high-performance computing.”

The project intends to be the first ever cross-border, open-source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure network, offering European industrial emitters the opportunity to store their CO2 underground.

Other companies have been tapped to provide infrastructure and services to the project, including Tenaris, who will supply pipeline, and Transocean, who will contribute drilling operations.

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