The chief executive of Oil & Gas UK (OGUK), the main trade body serving the North Sea oil and gas industry, has admitted it could rebrand to reflect the growing momentum of the energy transition.

Deirdre Michie addressed a question about the lobby group’s name during a webinar to discuss the publication of its annual economic report on Tuesday.

“There is a question I do need to respond to about branding given the shift in transition, you know, making sure we focus on oil and gas but moving to the energy transition: what are the thoughts about Oil & Gas UK ‘s branding going forward?” said Michie, who has led OGUK since 2015.

“My answer to that would be: [it’s] on the agenda and obviously we will be responsive towards what our members want us to do in that space. So, to be continued, as they say.”

Originally formed as the UK Offshore Operators Association (UKOOA), the OGUK branding was adopted in 2007 when, until then representing just 30 or so operators, it widened its membership to include contractors.

At its height, OGUK had more than 500 members. It now represents about 400 companies.