Thailand’s PTTEP is working with of the Netherlands to source novel and proven technologies worldwide that can reduce its carbon footprint.

“PTTEP is committed to continuously improve operational efficiency and further reduce CO2 emissions by deploying innovative technological solutions,” the national upstream company said.

“With’s help in technology scouting and selection, we know we can get access to the world’s leading technologies deployed by companies in our industry and elsewhere.

“We are interested in innovative solutions for the oil and gas [operations], from exploration to decommissioning, including solutions to reduce our carbon footprint. We are also interested in technologies in support of our renewable energy strategy.”

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The Dutch outfit claims to be the fastest-growing technology platform for the energy transition, hosting hundreds of technologies on its global platform, as well as more than 100 independent experts to connect energy companies with innovative technology.

“This collaboration with PTTEP provides for a customised platform that is evergreen and tailored according to the business needs of the Thai energy company,” said Erik Nijveld, co-founder and managing partner.

“This will allow us to assist them in finding technologies across the globe and filtering the most relevant solutions for their business.”

The technology platform for PTTEP will be a restricted, customised area within the infrastructure, accessible only to its own employees.

In case of any future contract between a supplier and PTTEP, such a deal would follow the traditional procurement process.