SLB, formerly known as Schlumberger, is collaborating with Oman’s Ministry of Energy and Minerals and the Oman Investment Authority to develop the nation's geothermal potential.

Omani authorities had previously commissioned SLB to assess surface, subsurface and well data from the national data repository over a three-month period. The study evaluated data from more than 7000 oil, gas and water wells to look for geothermal sweet spots.

“Geothermal is one of the world’s most promising clean energy resources, and it has a crucial role to play in reaching net-zero targets,” said Gavin Rennick, president of SLB’s New Energy business.

“Using digital technology solutions to assess geothermal resource potential can accelerate prospectivity analysis and, ultimately, the delivery and performance of geothermal installations.”

The next phase of the study will include the assessment of the economic feasibility of developing geothermal resources.

“This collaboration between the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Oman Investment Authority and SLB is in line with Oman’s efforts to decarbonise the energy sector, achieve its Net Zero goal and implement Oman Vision 2040,” said Salim Al Aufi, the Omani Minister of Energy and Minerals.

“Building on existing country data and infrastructure, this collaboration will create opportunities by utilising the latest technologies in the field of geothermal exploration and ramp up activities in Oman’s clean energy stream.”

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