Paris-based Technip Energies is targeting the blue hydrogen industry, with the launch of a suite solutions to decarbonise hydrogen production.

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Technip Energies launched 'BlueH2 by T.EN' on Thursday, which it describes as a suite of “cost-efficient, low-carbon hydrogen solutions”.

The company’s blue hydrogen technology will offer a reduced carbon footprint, compared to traditional hydrogen, with Technip Energies claiming its process will result in roughly 100 grams of carbon dioxide per kilogram of hydrogen, compared to about 10 kilograms of CO2 per kilogram of hydrogen using traditional methods.

Its blue hydrogen offerings will utilise carbon avoidance and carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) technologies, while also looking to provide maximum hydrogen yield with minimum energy demand.

In addition to traditional hydrogen applications, such as refining or ammonia production, Technip Energies said it would also target other industries with its blue hydrogen offerings, including the liquefied natural gas industry.

The launch comes after Technip Energies’s chief executive Arnaud Pieton told analysts last month the company had access to a technology suite that would reduce the carbon intensity of blue hydrogen “very, very close” to that of green hydrogen, while also being almost as economic as grey hydrogen.

Pieton has also previously confirmed the company is targeting opportunities in green hydrogen, however it is still uncertain if it will land a contract in this space during 2021.