French supermajor TotalEnergies and Brazil’s Prumo Logistica have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to develop studies for the installation of logistics bases to support offshore wind projects in the Acu port area in Rio de Janeiro state.

As part of the agreement, TotalEnergies will develop for the next two years feasibility studies for the implementation of offshore wind farms with capacity for up to 3 gigawatts in the vicinity of the port.

The intention is to use the Acu port as a logistics hub for all phases of TotalEnergies’ wind farm projects from construction to installation and operation.

“TotalEnergies has recognised experience in offshore wind and has a global portfolio under development with a total capacity of more than 12 GW,” said TotalEnergies Brazil managing director Charles Fernandes.

“As a multi-energy company, the expansion of activities in the offshore wind segment is in line with the strategy of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and with the commitment to invest in the country in the long-term.”

In Brazil, TotalEnergies has submitted plans this year to federal environmental regulator Ibama seeking licences to install three offshore wind farms with a combined capacity of 9 GW.

“The partnership with TotalEnergies proves the Acu port is the ideal partner in south-eastern Brazil for the development of offshore wind farms,” said Prumo chief executive Rogerio Zampronha.

“We are the best place to install logistics bases for companies that want to manufacture, produce and operate with a competitive advantage.”

The Acu port is situated in one of the best locations in Brazil for the installation of offshore wind farms and has so far 33 GW of projects under licensing at Ibama.

Prumo has announced other partnerships with global players for the development of offshore wind, green hydrogen and photovoltaic energy in the port.

According to Prumo new business director Mauro Andrade, the idea is that these projects will be developed simultaneously, taking advantage of the expertise and infrastructure in the port.

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