Aberdeen-headquartered contractor Wood has been awarded an early engineering design deal for a proposed floating wind farm located off the west coast of Ireland.

The Western Star Floating Offshore Wind project is being worked on by Cork, Ireland-based Simply Blue Energy.

Wood’s team will assess the suitability of different floating platform designs during the pre-front-end engineering and design work.

Simply Blue Energy, part of the Simply Blue Group, is developing Western Star in parallel with its Saoirse wave energy conversion array.

Wood said that it will take a "lifecycle approach to costs" that incorporates capital expenditure, construction costs and operational costs, which is aimed at developing a solution that enables the "lowest levelised cost of energy" — or LCOE — a measure that allows comparison of different methods of generation.

Andy Hemingway, Wood's president of energy, innovation & optimisation, said: “As an emerging technology, floating wind farms could supercharge the world’s renewable energy capacity and will be an important part of the global energy transition.

"Investing in this technology of the future will help Ireland reach its targets on greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate change.”

The floating wind farm component of the scheme will be located at least 35 kilometres offshore, with the wave energy conversion array located about four kilometres from the coast.