There is an adage: ‘mighty oaks from little acorns grow’. Well carbon sinks too can start from seemingly modest beginnings — there’s certainly no need for an entire mangrove swamp every time.

In what was a first for this veteran Upstream reporter, I received a plant as a corporate gift. The plant (pictured) was given by France-headquartered contractor Technip Energies at the OTC Asia 2022 event last week in the Malaysian capital.

The Technip Energies staff on their exhibition stand explained that the plant could be placed in the office or at home and it would play its part in reducing carbon dioxide from the room.

Somewhat concerned as to whether it was even legal to import a living plant into Singapore and also only too aware of my lack of ‘green fingers’, I initially hesitated as to whether to accept the gift.

So far, so good. The plant appears to be thriving on a simple diet of water and sunlight, and I am doing my bit for the environment.

Technip Energies had an entire wall comprised of various plants on its OTC Asia 2022 exhibition stand, which itself improved the air quality at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.