Netflix’s animated movie Bigfoot Family has come under attack in Canada from a government-funded oil and gas lobby group for supposedly "peddling lies” about the fossil fuel industry.

The adventure film — actually set in Alaska, not Canada — follows the exploits of Adam and his dad Bigfoot as they protect a large wildlife reserve from an unscrupulous oil company with the help of swathes of supporters.

The Canadian Energy Centre (CEC), funded by the Alberta government to defend the energy sector and as a result referred to as the “energy war room”, took aim at the movie for what it contends is spreading misinformation about the industry.

The CEC has now launched an online campaign against the streaming giant.

“Brainwashing our kids with anti-oil and gas propaganda is just wrong — and Netflix needs to know that!” said the CEC on its website.

“The movie... was number one in Canada and the US when it debuted on the streaming service earlier this year — and peddles lies about the energy sector.

“It even shows oil being extracted by blowing up a valley using glowing red bombs that look like something out of an action movie.”

According to reports, more than 1000 people have now sent an automated letter of complaint to Netflix Canada.

Like any action movie worth its salt, Bigfoot Family includes a scene where protagonist Adam and his cohorts defuse a bomb.

The CEC will be hoping that its intervention can similarly defuse any incendiary ramifications for Canada's oil patch.