Italian contractor Saipem has welcomed an unexpected guest on one of its semi-submersible pipelay vessels in the UK North Sea.

Last weekend, the crew of the Castoro 6 rescued a small seal pup, which they named Tolly.

“The pup, in evident distress, was rescued on board, looked after for a short while and finally was safely sailed to shore to the Scarborough Seal Sanctuary in order to recover and be able to return to sea at the soonest,” Saipem said in an Instagram post.

“We wish Tolly the best of luck!” the company and crew said on social media.

According to Saipem, the seal’s new name, Tolly, comes from the first three letters of the name of the project the vessel’s crew was working on - the Tolmount Pipeline.

Even in summer, the North Sea is no place to take a dip — except if you are a seal, of course.

The secret of its shiver-free success is a layer of fat called blubber under the skin that is as thick as the length of your middle finger.