Production Sharing Contracts - Houston

Start: December

End: December

Venue: Houston



A Global Course for State-of-the-Art Theory, Practice & Techniques in Fiscal System, Analysis & Design


The Production Sharing Contracts course provides critical information to create the right commercial framework for successful PSC negotiations. It examines state-of-the-art practice and techniques in fiscal system, analysis and design. PSCs in over 30 countries will be examined. A must for all senior managers in new ventures, exploration, corporate planning, geology, as well as petroleum negotiators, oil company legal counsel, advisers, geologists and engineers. 


Module 1 provides

Examination of current PSC developments through a wide variety of economic, geological and fiscal scenarios that exist worldwide for the first 3 days. Understand not only the changing terminology and semantics of PSC but also how fiscal systems have evolved, their economic and financial impact:-

  • Fiscal/contractual arrangements that govern business relationships between oil companies and governments
  • Strong fundamental elements of normal petroleum operations, production & revenue generation, cost recovery and division of profits
  • Royalty/tax, PSC and Service Agreements, Risk Service Contracts, rate of return systems & R-factors, ringfencing, relinquishment, bonuses & goldplating 

Module 2 provides

An additional 4 & 5 day will cover Computer-Based Economic Modelling & risk analysis, featuring practical computer-based basics of petroleum risk analysis and decision theory, progressing to finer points of economic modelling in the international area.


Attractive early bird and team fees are available.


Organiser: Conference Connection