Australian resources giant BHP had a busy final quarter of 2021 with offshore exploration drilling in the US Gulf of Mexico and Trinidad & Tobago.

In addition, the operator said in its December 2021 quarterly report it acquired new offshore acreage in Egypt, and shot 3D seismic offshore Barbados.

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In Trinidad & Tobago, the ultra-deep water Calypso appraisal drilling programme finished on 20 December 2021. Both appraisal wells hit hydrocarbons.

Bongos-3, as previously reported, confirmed volumes downdip of prior penetrations and Bongos-4 established volumes in a new segment, said the operator.

"The well results are currently under evaluation and will be incorporated into the development plan."

BHP said in its financial results in August 2021 that Calypso is an "operated deep-water advantaged gas discovery in Trinidad & Tobago, well positioned to existing regional infrastructure and with low CO2 content/low greenhouse gas intensity".

Multiple development concepts are under evaluation for a project that could cost US$3 billion net to BHP's 70% interest.

Calypso has a combined proven plus probable and contingent resource of 409 million barrels of oil equivalent net to BHP

US Gulf and Barbados

Meanwhile, in the central Gulf of Mexico, the Wasabi-1 well had a mechanical difficulty and was plugged and abandoned on 13 November 2021.

The Wasabi-2 well spudded on 17 November 2021 and drilling operations continue. Drilling is taking place in GC124 in 764 metres of water.

In Barbados, a 3D seismic survey was acquired in November 2021 over a portion of the Bimshire and Carlisle Bay blocks.

Processed data is expected to be delivered in mid-2022.


BHP also said it has acquired interests in offshore exploration blocks in the Red Sea in Egypt.

In December 2021, the Minister of Energy in Egypt signed the Deed of Assignment for Red Sea Block 1, finalising the assignment of a 45% interest from Chevron to BHP.

This followed a separate agreement with Shell in March 2021 for BHP to acquire a 30% and 25% non-operated interest in Egypt’s Red Sea Blocks 3 and 4, respectively, pending final government approvals.

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