Petronas pulled out all the stops when launching the Malaysia Bid Round 2022, the seventh in this annual series of licensing exercises.

The round, dubbed MBR2022, was given a rousing launch by a special performance of folk song Laksamana Raja di Laut (Admiral King of the Sea) by the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, and this was the first time the orchestra had played to a live audience in two years because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Relishing the chance to celebrate Malaysia again, organisers made sure that attendees at the Kuala Lumpur event were given lanyards made of songket, a traditional woven fabric from the region, for their name badges.

Songket cloth often highlights patterns and motifs based on a variety of flora and fauna, featuring unique characteristics and identities of the Malays.

The launch of MBR 2022, themed ‘Your Advantaged Energy is Here’, was attended physically by more than 90 potential investors as well as by over 1300 potential and existing investors streaming “live” from North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Petronas senior vice president of Malaysia Petroleum Management, Mohamed Firouz Asnan said: “Through our basin study work, we believe there are many more prospects to be identified in the Malaysia basins, with the estimated remaining potential of about 21 billion barrels of oil equivalent.

“We welcome players with unique capabilities to unlock the potential in both old and new places.”