Thailand’s national upstream company PTTEP has committed to the Ocean for Life programme with the kingdom’s Department of Marine & Coastal Resources to promote the abundance of biodiversity in the domestic waters in which it operates.

The companies will jointly operate projects and activities for a 10-year term through to 2030 aimed at increasing marine biodiversity and boosting income for communities in 17 provinces around the Gulf of Thailand.

PTTEP’s flagship Bongkot and Arthit producing projects are located in the Gulf.

The national oil company noted the Ocean for Life programme involves the conservation of many aspects of marine resources such as marine waste management and the use of technology to assist in the disposal of waste.

Also key are raising public awareness of the importance of marine conservation and developing economic aquaculture learning.

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“Throughout the years PTTEP has undertaken many marine conservation activities and projects in collaboration with the community, Central and local government agencies and all sectors as well,” said chief executive Phongsthorn Thavisin.