TG-Geopartners has been given the green light from the Petroleum Commission of Ghana to acquire a major multi-client 3D geophysical survey in the “relatively underexplored but highly prospective” Keta basin in the Volta Region off Ghana.

The project will comprise of the acquisition of 14,000 square kilometres of 3D long-offset broadband multi- client seismic over open blocks that will be available for application.

Advanced new acquisition and imaging techniques will provide improved illumination of complex structures.

The seismic shoot is scheduled to begin in early 2021 and is expected to take 10 months to complete, with final processed volumes available in both time and depth by the second quarter of the following year.

“Whilst the primary play will undoubtedly be the late Cretaceous turbiditic channels found in Jubilee, we are also excited about the possibility of extensive late Cretaceous and Tertiary basin floor fans containing very large volumes of hydrocarbons, which could exceed the existing discoveries offshore Ghana,” said Thomas Tsiboe-Darko, TG-Geopartners managing director.

”Application of our new imaging technologies is required to improve subsurface understanding and increase exploration success rates.

"The upcoming new multi-client 3D seismic acquisition programme will help unlock and accelerate development of what will surely be the next wave of major oil discoveries in Ghana.”

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