Geo-services company Benthic said it has completed a geotechnical site investigation survey at the Dorado oilfield location offshore Western Australia.

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The work for the Australian operator Santos included geophysical and geotechnical surveys, consisting of multiple cone penetration testing and borehole locations up to 100 metres.

Benthic used its proprietary PROD2 seabed drilling and geotechnical testing system, which was on board the onboard the vessel MMA Vigilant.

Santos is currently developing the large Dorado oilfield.

The surveys performed by Benthic are required to support pre-engineering studies for any future development by better understandings the local geology, subsea hazards and detailed information on the seabed.

Steve Stuart, general manager Asia Pacific at Benthic Geotech, said: “This project is a testament to our long-standing geotechnical track record in Australia. The team and I are very proud of the exceptional safety and operational performance delivered on this project.”