SBM Offshore has contracted Modern American Recycling Services Europe (MARS) to greenly recycle its retiring Capixaba floating production, storage and offloading vessel that is coming to the end of its working life.

The Capixaba FPSO is currently deployed in a water depth of 1350 metres on Petrobras’ Cachalote field in the Campos basin offshore Brazil. MARS’ workscope includes the engineering, preparation, dismantling and green recycling of the 362-metre floater has a light displacement tonnage of 54,656 tonnes.

The Capixaba FPSO is expected to arrive at MARS’ yard in the Port of Frederikshavn in Denmark at the end of 2023 or in early 2024.

"We are glad that SBM Offshore has chosen to retire and green recycle [the] FPSO Capixaba at our EU approved green recycling facility in the Port of Frederikshavn, compliant with all local, national and international rules and regulations," said MARS.

Located in Frederikshavn in northern Denmark, near the North Sea, the contractor hails its MARS Europe facility as the only purpose built site that includes a draining system under a surface of granular material of well compacted crushed rock, to ensure no harm to groundwater.

“Our waste segregation system ensures a recycling percentage well above 90% and provides an effective and environmentally friendly recycling process. Our water filtration system with channels throughout the yard ensures that all water being released to the port basin is cleaned,” states MARS’ website.

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