Heavy seas have caused water damage to a new offshore production platform being installed at Chinese offshore giant CNOOC Ltd's Weizhou 12-8E development in the Beibu Gulf.

The standalone self-installing platform HYSY163 was being towed to the field but heavy seas caused water damage to some of the platform’s systems, according to joint venture partner Horizon Oil.

As a precaution, the platform was towed back to shore for inspection, which found that some of the water-damaged mechanical and electrical components needed replacing.

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As a result, the platform is expected to remain onshore until December 2021.

Horizon said the repair costs are not expected to be borne by the joint venture since the platform is leased and is not yet on contract.

Current expectations are that the platform will be installed in the field during December 2021, prior to development drilling.

First oil had been targeted for 31 March 2022, but the additional works will delay this by a few weeks, added Horizon.

The WZ12-8E project in Block 22/12 is expected to produce at an average of 4000 barrels per day of oil on a gross basis.

The mobile offshore production unit HYSY163 will be tied into an existing production facility in the same block where current production is about 9000 bpd, said Horizon.

The co-owners are CNOOC Ltd with 51%, Horizon Oil with 26.95%, Roc Oil with 19.6% and Majuko Corporation with 2.45%.

Horizon said recently its share of the capital cost for WZ12-8E is US$19 million based on an oil price of $70 per barrel.