Gazprom has reached for the sky, unveiling plans for new headquarters in St Petersburg in one of the world's tallest office towers.

The Russian state-controlled gas monopoly revealed details of the proposed behemoth during a meeting between chief executive Alexei Miller and St Petersburg governor Alexander Beglov.

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The plans would involve a move from the company's current headquarters — the Lakhta Centre in the western Russian city — to the new 703-metre-tall building.

The proposal has surprised some residents, many of whom had vehemently protested against it.

The Lakhta Centre already includes a 462-metre spike-shaped tower, which some residents have complained excessively dominates the historic cityscape of St Petersburg and its fortresses.

Gazprom has not announced any estimated construction cost for the project, saying only that financing would not come directly from the company's bank accounts.

The Lakhta Centre — which took nearly eight years to build from 2012 — is estimated to have cost more than 120 billion roubles ($1.6 billion).

Some local residents took to social media to comment on the proposed new skyscraper, describing it as a giant Christmas tree ornament or a huge screw.

It may be a while yet before the tower sees the light of day. Taking into account the complexity of cement and construction work necessary to prepare parts of the shoreline in the Gulf of Finland, it would probably not be ready until at least 2030.