Petronas has claimed that an investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) into alleged graft relating to the 2021 award of a contract to an international upstream company has found no evidence of wrongdoing by the Malaysian national energy giant.

“Petronas refers to the statement issued by the MACC on the investigation file opened by MACC in relation to Petronas’ award of contract in 2021 to a Malaysian subsidiary of an international upstream company. Petronas has given full cooperation to MACC in the investigation that had not found any wrongdoing by Petronas, its employees and directors under the MACC Act 2009,” the company said in a statement.

However, Petronas added that, following the commission's recommendation — and in line with its zero tolerance against corruption —the company continues to improve and strengthen its standard operating procedures (SOP). This is a serious ongoing effort to prevent and fight all forms of corruption and misconduct by employees, directors and third parties employed by or on behalf of the companies in the group, noted Petronas.

The MACC on Friday confirmed it had launched an investigation paper into the 2021 contract worth 399 million ringgit ($86.73 million at current exchange rates) awarded for a project in Sarawak, East Malaysia, after corruption allegations resurfaced on blog and were shared on social media.

Upstream has approached the contractor involved in these allegations for comment on the matter.

Petronas on Saturday said it would continue giving its fullest cooperation to MACC in this regard.

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