UPSTREAM: What impact will the energy transition have on the operations of oil and gas companies over the next five years and beyond?

MILLER: We see a steady demand for oil and gas long into the future while the transition to alternative energy sources takes place in parallel. The energy industry, and especially our high-tech services, are critical to the creation of new, currently non-existent value chains of the sustainable energy future. As we work toward a lower carbon energy future, our industry will continue to provide reliable, affordable energy to all.

UPSTREAM: Is natural gas becoming more attractive than oil for companies and, if so, what implications does that have for the business?

MILLER: Natural gas is a transition fuel. It burns cleaner than coal and oil and will help reduce carbon emissions. As our customers prioritise gas projects, we are ready and prepared to support them with our innovative, low-emission technologies.

UPSTREAM: How can large-scale, multi-billion-dollar conventional oil and gas developments, including in deep waters, continue to compete for capital?

MILLER: We are confident that Halliburton technology will help make deep-water development more competitive over time.