London-listed Chariot has increased its focus on Africa by entering into a collaboration agreement to develop a green hydrogen project in Morocco.

In partnership with the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University of Morocco and UK-based hydrogen startup Oort Energy, Chariot will assess the feasibility of proof of concept projects and their potential implementation in large-scale production of green hydrogen and ammonia.

The projects will use Oort’s patented polymer electrolyte membrane electrolyser system, which splits water to produce hydrogen and oxygen using renewable energy. One of the pilot projects will be based at a research facility in OCP Jorf Lasfar, Morocco.

Oort chief executive Nick van Dijk said the work will be focused on “bringing the cost of green hydrogen production down”.

Chariot chief executive Adonis Pouroulis said the partnership allows the company to “expand our footprint beyond our work in Mauritania into Morocco”.

In September, Chariot teamed up with French supermajor TotalEnergies’ part-owned renewables player Total Eren to develop Project Nour, a 10 gigawatt green hydrogen project in Mauritania.

Active in gas, power and hydrogen, Chariot recently achieved access to the Maghreb Europe Pipeline which runs from eastern Morocco through to Tangiers in the north and into Spain.

The entry point to move gas into Europe is a crucial enabler for the development of the company’s offshore Anchois gas project, which is expected to start operating in 2024 or 2025.

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