About 40 groups have joined forces to establish a hydrogen hub in the US Northeast.

The US Department of Energy is expected to launch a funding opportunity in May, with $8 billion available for four hydrogen hubs as part of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act.

The New York State Energy Research & Development Authority will coordinate a proposal with the coalition to establish a clean hydrogen industry.

The coalition partners include the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey, along with Next Hydrogen, National Grid, Cummins and many more companies, universities and other organisations.

Raveel Afzaal, chief executive of Next Hydrogen, said the company “is excited to offer its unique technology and solutions expertise to this monumental group of partners who will work together to advance a clean hydrogen hub in the US Northeast.

“We are joining an impressive group of industry leaders to evaluate and develop this hydrogen hub proposal with the shared goal of facilitating the development of resilient clean energy infrastructure in the US.”

The companies will aim to define the vision of the regional hub, perform research and analysis, and support environmentally responsible opportunities to develop hydrogen.

New York is gearing up to lead the regional green hydrogen and other renewable economies, with many partnerships focused on bringing offshore wind projects to power homes.

The state is expanding its green hydrogen development by establishing a regulatory framework, allocating $27 million to support hydrogen innovation and bringing together stakeholders and hydrogen users.

Green vs Blue

Blue hydrogen is produced from natural gas feedstocks, with the carbon dioxide by-product from hydrogen production captured and stored. However, the process is not emissions free.

Green hydrogen is made using electrolysis powered by renewable energy to split water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen, creating an emissions-free fuel.

Another coalition of states is putting its name in the hat for federal funding. Oklahoma Louisiana, and Arkansas are working to leverage their hydrogen infrastructure to create a regional hub and plan to submit a proposal for funding under the infrastructure act.

The act allocated $8 billion to create four regional hydrogen hubs, each focusing on a different end-use: power generation, industrial applications, transportation and heating. Three of the hubs would have different production types — green, blue and pink.

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