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PODCAST: Offshore Is Not Dead Yet

The Bit returns in 2017 as ExxonMobil keeps finding oil off Guyana and a substantial deep-water prospect in the US Gulf gets some some new blood


Offshore oil and gas continues to struggle in 2017, but at least two operators are still making headlines.

ExxonMobil already had more than a billion barrels of oil in Guyana, and now it has found even more. Noah Brenner has the latest.

And Kat Schmidt unearths a new operator at the old Buckskin and Moccasin discoveries who is known for trailblazing.

Transocean gets litigious, and more, this week on The Bit.

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  • ExxonMobil is weighing its next steps in Guyana, with plans for a production test at Payara, its latest discovery.
  • There is still a dearth of oil and gas infrastructure in Guyana, but the government is eyeing plans for a refinery in the South American nation.
  • Yet another new operator is set to take the reins at the Buckskin and Moccasin discoveries in a relatively remote part of the US Gulf of Mexico.
  • This comes after Chevron abandoned its plan to develop the fields, Repsol took control and partner Maersk bowed out.
  • Transocean is suing (pdf) rival Noble Corporation for patent infringement on its dual-activity drilling rigs.
  • It's not the first time Transocean has sued a rival driller over dual activity technology. GlobalSantaFe lost a similar lawsuit, then it merged with Transocean.

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