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PODCAST: Calculating the Costs

This week we tell you why US shale operators may be in for a rude awakening on services costs in 2017, plus a push by Lukoil and a Canadian start-up into a promising Mexican shale play

First, Noah Brenner discusses the rising services costs for shale producers and why there might be a disconnect between what operators are communicating and what contractors are saying.

Then Kat Schmidt joins to talk about Renaissance Oil, which believes it can crack the code of the vexing Chicontepec unconventional oil play.

Donald Trump has wasted no time making his mark on the oil industry, plus more, this week on The Bit.

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  • As the US onshore rig count soars, shale operators are having to face the reality that service costs will also rise in the coming year.
  • The services landscape, particularly in pressure pumping, now looks much different than it did during the shale boom, as old players leave and new players emerge.
  • Few doubt the bounties trapped within Mexico's Chicontepec field, but even fewer have figured out how to unlock the tight-oil formations.
  • Lukoil has been talking with Pemex about how to tap the Chicontepec play, and is now teaming up with Renaissance Oil of Canada to give it a go.
  • Donald Trump's first weeks in office have been eventful with some direct impacts on the oil patch, but it is unclear if he is aware of how some of his actions, such as the travel ban and the border wall, impact the industry indirectly.

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