1: North Field Expansion key to Qatar's huge LNG ambitions

Setbacks hit huge project but state oil company shows no sign of scaling back plans

2: Egypt LNG exports at a standstill

Shipments nosedive amid collapsing gas prices and Covid-19 pandemic

3: Mozambique's roller coaster ride to riches

Many issues yet to be overcome before Total and ExxonMobil's mega-onshore liquefaction projects begin exports

4: BP floats options for Mauritania and Senegal

The future surrounding LNG schemes with a capacity of some 30 million tonnes per annum is up in the air

5: Hopes turn to 2021 for Australia's new LNG supplies

Pandemic, a weak market and joint venture complexities present challenges for the nation's gas producers

6: Woodside and Santos confident about their LNG expansion plans

Woodside pushing ahead with its Burrup Hub vision while Santos us getting Barossa ready for sanction

7: Southeast Asia LNG players caught on the spot

Gas field project delays mean an uncertain future as Sabah Sarawak Gas Pipeline outage and political squabbles add to problems

8: Novatek pushes ahead at remote Arctic LNG 2 scheme in Russia

Russian independent counting on long-term demand recovery and tighter supplies as competing projects are shelved or delayed

9: LNG developers in US scale back their plans

More projects likely to be redesigned as liquefaction players deal with slower-than-expected demand growth

10: Optimism for LNG market in Canada

Nation eyes potential for lowest-emission liquefied natural gas

11: Hope for US LNG cargo shipments amid Covid-19 headwinds

Market uncertainty remains due to coronavirus pandemic

12: Politics playing its part in PNG and Timor-Leste

LNG expansion in Papua New Guinea on hold while Timor-Leste's Sunrise project struggles to see the light of day

13: Nigeria LNG Train 7 progresses despite some issues

Consortium carries out limited activities until next year when Covid-19 restrictions are hoped to ease