US LNG exporter Tellurian has enlisted Baker Hughes to provide low-emissions turbomachinery equipment for the two pipelines that will service the Driftwood LNG terminal in Louisiana.

Baker Hughes will provide its electric-powered integrated compressor line (ICL) technology and related equipment for Lines 200 and 300, which will carry natural gas to the Driftwood facility for liquefaction and export, the companies announced on Wednesday.

The project will be the first use of Baker Hughes’ ICL technology in the US.

Baker Hughes said its zero-emissions integrated compressor offers “a more reduced footprint and weight”, and has been successfully used in a number of projects in Europe.

“The compressors are built with hermetically sealed casing, ensuring no emissions, and require minimal downtime due to magnetic bearings for oil-free, more efficient operations and minimised maintenance, while boosting reliability,” the company said.

The agreement calls for four 19 megawatt ICL compressors and other turbomachinery equipment for four compressor trains, as well as a gas turbine for backup power at Driftwood’s Indian Bayou Compressor Station.

“This landmark project and technology will eliminate nearly all emissions for the proposed project, which Tellurian is developing to supply natural gas to a constrained capacity area. We value Baker Hughes’ expertise and look forward to partnering on delivering cleaner solutions for an energy-hungry world,” Tellurian president and chief executive Octavio Simoes said.

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Rod Christie, the executive vice president of Turbomachinery & Process Solutions for Baker Hughes, said his company is looking forward to its first ICL project in the US.

“Our zero-emissions ICL technology is already reducing the climate footprint of pipeline projects in many regions that deliver vital gas supplies, and now we are bringing it to North America, a region crucial to meeting global natural gas demand,” he said.